If you’re a Natural8 Poker player, you’ve probably heard about All-In Or Fold. This fast and furious poker format is extremely popular and comes in both Hold’em and Omaha variants. However, you might not be aware of the three awesome side games which exist within AOF. So, please allow us to put that right!

AoF Side Game: Bet on Flop
AoF Bet on Flop in action

Bet On Flop

If you’ve ever played a home game with a bunch of action junkies like me, you’ve more than likely placed this type of side bet before. As the name implies, this AOF add-on allows you to place bets on the texture of the flop. It’s just a fun way to create extra action and win real money while playing at your favourite All-In Or Fold tables.

Before each hand, you may click on the Bet On Flop icon found towards the bottom-left corner of your screen. Doing so will pull up a menu in the same corner, as seen in the image above. Your options for flop-based action are as follows:

Bet TypePayout
Three of a Kind or Straight Flush170x
3x Red or 3x Black4x
2x Red or 2x Black 2.4x

The AOF Bet On Flop layout looks similar to that of a craps or roulette table, and it functions very much in the same way. Click on the chips beneath the layout to choose your desired wager size before clicking on the relevant section to place your bets. You can stake up to 100BB or as little as 1BB on multiple sections of the layout.

Naturally, the bets are only placed on the texture of the flop. So, when the bet says “Straight”, for example, it doesn’t require a full five-card poker hand using the turn and river. It just means that the cards on the flop will form a three-card straight, such as 6(Diamond)-7(Club)-8(Heart). They don’t have to appear in order for your bet to win, either. For example, Q(Spade)-J(Heart)-K(Club) counts as a winning straight.

The most lucrative AOF Bet On Flop selection pays out at a massive 170x your bet. To win this, you need to see either a three-card straight flush or a three-of-a-kind hit the flop. This cool little add-on is also available to play at any of Natural8’s regular No-Limit Hold’em cash game tables.

AoF Side Game: AoF Bingo
The All-in or Fold Bingo Side Game

AOF Bingo

All-In Or Fold Bingo is my absolute favourite of all the AOF side games. It’s great fun, but it also helps to create even more action in what is already a crazily fast-paced form of poker!

You don’t need to do anything to activate this add-on, as your bingo card will automatically appear when you take your seat. In the bottom-left of the screen, you’ll notice a 4×4 grid of playing cards. This serves as your AOF Bingo card. 

The rules are just like any traditional game of bingo. To win a prize, you have to complete a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical line. However, you only have 50 hands in which to block out a row. But how do you actually mark a selection on your card?


Every time one of the cards in your bingo grid appears in your actual AOF hand, the game will notify you. First of all, the card is highlighted in pink, as you can see in the image with the Queen of Hearts. But the Natural8 client will also make a noise to signal that you have an active bingo card in your hand.

If you elect to shove and win the pot at showdown, that card will be crossed off your AOF Bingo sheet. If both of the cards in your hand are featured in your grid, then you will get two for the price of one! Whenever you successfully fill in a line, the whole table will be notified as a random prize wheel appears and spins to determine your reward. 

If you play 10 hands and are unhappy with your existing card, you can elect to refresh it for a new one and start again with a new 50 hands. 

So, if you’ve ever been left baffled about why your opponent elected to shove into a 4-way pot with 7-2 offsuit, consider that they may have needed one of those cards for a Bingo reward!

The All-in or Fold Jackpots

AOF Jackpot

Finally, the last of the AoF side games: the All-In Or Fold Jackpot game. We’re not talking about the Bad Beat Jackpot, which is a separate but equally cool feature at Natural8. AOF has its own unique jackpot, which is funded by your rake contributions. 

All of the tables at each blind level contribute to a specific pot. Every time your hand is raked, 50% of that fee is put into the relevant pool. So, for instance, if you’re playing AOF at stakes of $0.25 / $0.50, know that every player seated at each of the different tables is contributing to that particular prize pool.

To win the jackpot, simply play your usual All-In Or Fold Hold’em or Omaha games and wait for Lady Luck to smile upon you! If you’re fortunate enough to hit the best possible straight flush by using both of your Hold’em hole cards, you’ll take down the entire jackpot. 

It is slightly different if you play Omaha. For this poker variant, you’ll need to make a Royal Flush with any two of your four hole cards in order to win the AOF jackpot.

As you can see from the image above, some of these jackpots can get pretty big. So, for once, a bad beat won’t leave you complaining. Instead, you could find yourself celebrating a real boost to your Natural8 bankroll!