Many poker soldiers fell in the long and arduous Battle of Malta (BOM) Online 2022, but many more were crowned champions. Over the final 9 days of the BOM series, which included two weekends, more than €19,000,000 were distributed out over the various featured and side events. Just the featured events alone distributed close to €7,900,000 in prizes.  

Battle of Malta Online 2022

Let’s take a quick look at the final 8 featured tournaments.  

Event #11: Grand Harbour Superstack €550

The first event for the penultimate weekend was the €550 buy-in Grand Harbour Superstack that came with a €500,000 GTD. This event managed to gather the attention of 1,428 participants, who along with the re-entries, brought the total prize pool to €746,130. This battle proved to be difficult as players were going back and forth for more than 11 hours before a champion was crowned.  

In the end, “Runnersx2”, with two re-entries, emerged as the champion and was awarded €105,113.29 for their bravery. Following behind them was “Mr_3rdBullet”, who re-entered five times. Their persistence and confidence paid off when they went home with €79,239.30. Coming in third place was “HotBoy19” who left the battle stage with €59,421.12.

Event #12: Siege of Malta Bounty MILLION$, €1M GTD

The next event was a €105 buy-in siege that had been going on for a few days. With €1,000,000 GTD, many brave players signed up for a slice of the sweet pot. With 13,534 entries, the final prize pool became €1,353,400. After many days of fighting, 2,145 poker warriors ended up meeting each other on the final stage. 

In 9 hours, the siege ended beautifully. “Kasparas Klezys”, who is currently 17th on Lithuania All Time Money List, came out on top and won the largest prize €81,977.48, with €31,469.27 coming from the bounties of all the poker warriors he defeated. 

Among the top three players, there was a Natural8 warrior among them. “Desenrugado”, a Natural8 player, came in second and was awarded €56,485.62, which included €5,565.19 in bounties. 

The second runner-up, “Mortan23”, did not leave empty-handed. For his show of bravery and strength, he was able to leave with €46,718.27, which included €8,834.53 in bounties.

Event #13: Gladiator 6-Max €330

Next up was the €330 Gladiator 6-Max, where 6 players were placed on each battlefield and their mission was to survive till the final battlefield. The €200,000 GTD attracted 778 players, which brought the final prize pool up to €238,768.20.

After slightly more than 8 hours, the fight was over, and “FreshMeat!”, who had three re-entries, defeated his final opponents and was awarded €37,314.99. “Limchik2019”, who was the last to be eliminated from the ring, could perhaps find solace in their €27,535.05 award. As for the second runner-up, “Shangen”, they managed to leave the bloody battlefield with a good €20,020.95 award.

Event #14: Bounty for the King €525

On 28th July, we saw 848 players signed up for the €300,000 GTD Bounty for the King. Their participation brought the prize pool to the final amount of €424,000. What awaited them was more than just the final award. With a progressive bounty of at least €125 that would be awarded for each player eliminated, they had all the more reasons to fight ferociously. 

The battle was short, having ended after slightly more than 8 hours. As the last man standing, “Almazik93” managed to collect bounties worth up to €30,582.10. Including the tournament prize, they left with a total of €47,407.25. While the runner-up, “ImMajamu”, only managed to collect a significantly smaller bounty award at €11,189.47, when added to the tournament prize, their total winnings from the tournament was €28,526.59. 

The second runner-up “xicotestrala”, along with their bounty winnings of €9,466.81, left the battlefield with a total of €23,336.86.

Event #15: St. Julian’s Bounty Feast €105

The Battle of Malta continued onto St. Julian’s Bounty Feast where a guaranteed prize pool of €125,000 and a progressive bounty of at least €25 for each player eliminated awaited. The €105 buy-in event proved to be quite popular as 1,993 brave players signed up for it, bringing the prize pool up to €199,300.

The Bounty feast lasted for almost 9 hours. “KumisMan228” outlasted his opponents and received €20,378.42 (including €12,718.68 in bounties) in total. “Codon1visao”, who was the last to be knocked out, received €12,336.71, which included €4,143.35 in bounties. With three re-entries, the second runner-up, “MegaLowBoy”, received €6,961.40, which included €882.81 in bounty awards.

Event #16: GGMasters Royal Championship €1,050

After the feast, the troops continued to the next stop: GGMasters Royal Championship. This wasn’t an event for everyone, due to its high €1,050 buy-in. However, with satellites, it managed to still attract 1,083 players. The prize pool surpassed the guaranteed €1,000,000 slightly, with the final amount being €1,083,000. 

The Royal Championship battle proved to be one of the toughest, as it took more than 12 hours to conclude. However, it was all worth it, for the champion, “1uckyf1sh”, was able to take home a six-figure award (€149,956.47). Even the runner-up, “pelaguacha” left with a six-figure award (€112,867.22).

While the second runner-up and Natural8 player, Transurfing, did not get a six-figure payout, it was still close to six-figure (€84,638.39).

Event #17: Omaholic Crusaders Bounty Quest €210

Emotions ran high as the troops were now near the end. Event #17 was a €210 buy-in Omaholic Bounty event with a guaranteed prize pool of €100,000. 666 players registered for the event, and the prize pool ended up higher than the guaranteed amount – €133,200.

Eventually, it came down to three final warriors. After a long battle, “Silverplat”, with two re-entries, went home with €16,464.60 (€11,058.64 in bounties). Runner-up “Ioannis Konstas” wasn’t that far behind with his €10,563.60 award (€4,616.41 in bounties).  The second runner-up “Natashenka”, with two re-entries, received €5,977.04 (€1,234.37 in bounties) for their effort.

Event #18: Main Event, €2.5M GTD

After more than 3 weeks, the troops finally arrived at the last battle stage, where the Main Event took place. As the last event of the Battle of Malta, along with the €2,500,000 in guarantees, the Main Event proved to be one of the most popular events in the series. There were 7,104 entries across all Day 1s, which led to the final prize pool to be €3,711,840. In the end, 1,132 players managed to last until the final day. 

“Alister333” emerged as the eventual champion and received a €395,747.35 award for their strength. “G Manousos”, the runner-up, wasn’t that far behind with their €297,181.67 award.

“Stoic123”, as the second runner-up, also received a six-figure payout of €222,854.76.


With that, the Battle of Malta Online 2022 has come to its official end. During the online series, there were multiple tournaments that offered guaranteed seats and packages to the live €1M GTD Battle of Malta Main Event.

This live event will take place in October on the romantic island of Malta, where the original Battle of Malta occurred. As of the completion of the Battle of Malta Online series, 79 players have won full packages to the tournament. If you want to come and join us in Malta for this amazing event, there are still satellites running at Natural8 with guaranteed seats.

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