History was made on 21st November 2022 when Taiwan’s “Eddie Li” became the first-ever Natural8 player to win a million-dollar Bounty Jackpot – when they knocked out fellow player “VikingVDele” with a three-of-a-kind in a Deepstack Turbo Tournament. In a matter of seconds, “Eddie Li” turned a $32.10 buy-in into $1,000,000. 

While Eddie Li was the first Natural8 player to win the million-dollar Bounty Jackpot, they were not the first player in the network to do so. On Halloween, “SonOfRichDad” knocked out Natural8 player “Tokyo90” at a $54 PKO tournament and became the first person on the entire GGNetwork to win the first million-dollar jackpot! Even though, there was only a 42,623/100,000,000 probability of hitting the Mega Bounty, “SonOfRichDad” still beat the low odds!

Both “SonOfRichDad” and “Eddie Li” turned millionaires in just one hand, something that they, undoubtedly, didn’t expect when they registered for their respective tournaments. After all, who would expect that they could turn $32.10 into $1,000,000 in one hand?

Mechanics of the Bounty Jackpot

Bounty Jackpot

The Bounty Jackpot is not only the latest addition to Natural8’s list of jackpots but also the biggest. With this jackpot, bounty tournament players get a chance to dip their hands into the jackpot every time they knock someone out. 

Jackpot Fee, Mega Bounty Types and Bounty Probability Per Buy-in

The jackpot payout of the Bounty Jackpot ranges from 0.5% to 5% and will be determined randomly. The payouts also depend on the tournaments and game buy-in levels. With this jackpot, players get a chance of hitting the Mega Bounty Jackpot, where the prize can go up to $1,000,000, depending on the tournament’s buy-in amount. 

Tournament information tab

To have a chance of striking the Bounty Jackpot, all you have to do is play at any of Natural8’s regularly scheduled progressive Bounty Tournaments or Battle Royale tournaments and knock players out. Find out which bounty tournament is eligible for the jackpot by checking the Tournament information tab of your favourite bounty tournament.

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