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eSports to Poker,

Peter Hsieh

Notable Achievements

  • Over $200K in online tournament winnings

About Peter Hsieh

Peter, a competitive eSports player, has just began his journey in poker as we are excited to witness his talent and dedication being well transformed to the game.

For those who may not know, Peter is a well-known face in the Twitch streaming world. He was the #2 ranked player in Asia for the game of Hearthstone and was a regular anchor for Hearthstone competitions as well.

With a strong fan base of 60K+ followers and his popularity in the Asian e-sports realm, Peter has the potential to expand upon his established following in poker. His professionalism extends beyond just gaming in general, as he also juggles software engineering, broadcasting and attending classes in his spare time, all while raising two boys! If there is a man who can handle multiple responsibilities and be at the top of his game, it would be Peter.

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