Taiwan Rush & Cash Challenge Winner

Unger Liu

About Unger Liu

Unger Liu is the recent Taiwan Rush & Cash Challenge winner, and has been playing poker for approximately eight years. Back then, he started with playing online as well as attending several private games.

Unger considers this win his most notable one to date, and was actually working when the tournament started. He ended up having to play by the roadside and on his phone. Luckily it all worked out!

Having majored in Public Health in university, he believes it gives him an advantage in poker as his studies relate closely with statistics and analysis. He also speaks about the support of his wife, who occasionally joins him in low stack private games.

Unger is confident, positive and a thinker who is always eager to learn. Apart from poker, his hobbies include fishing and swimming. He is also a tuition teacher and a photographer.

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