$15M GTD Super Million$ Week

Super MILLION$ Week WSOP Edition

From 12th September to 19th September 2021, you stand a chance to win part of the $15M GTD! This special edition of the Super MILLION$ Week will also feature FOUR highlighted events with Special Edition WSOP Rings up for grabs!

The Special Edition WSOP Rings

Super MILLION$ Main Event

$10,300 Buy In

$5,000,000 GTD

Super MILLIONS$ Omaholic Bounty

$2,100 Buy In

$1,000,000 GTD

Super KICKOFF Bounty Hunters HR

$525 Buy In

$2,500,000 GTD

GGMasters HR Freezeout

$1,050 Buy In

$1,500,000 GTD


  • 15M in prize pools to be won over 35 heartstopping events
  • A $10,300 buy-in tournament with a jaw-dropping $5,000,000 GTD
  • 6 HR Special Bounty Events with six-figure prizes
  • A high-roller Freezeout tournament with $1,500,000 GTD

Event Schedule

DateDayTime (UTC)Time (UTC+8)Event NameBuy-inGuarantee
Sep 12Sun16:3000:30 (+1)#1: Super KICKOFF Bounty Hunters HR [WSOP Ring, 2-Day Event]$525$2,500,000
Sep 12Sun18:0002:00 (+1)#2: Super MILLION$ Main Event $10,300 [Day 1A, WSOP Ring]$10,300$5,000,000
Sep 12Sun19:0003:00 (+1)#3: Super MILLION$ Omaholic Bounty [Stage 1A, WSOP Ring]$2,100$1,000,000
Sep 12Sun18:0002:00 (+1)#4: Omaholic Sunday Main Event $525, $100K GTD$525$100,000
Sep 12Sun19:0003:00 (+1)#5: Sunday High Rollers ME $1,050, $600K GTD$1,050$600,000
Sep 12Sun21:0005:00 (+1)#6: Sunday Heater HR $2,100, $250K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$250,000
Sep 13Mon16:3000:30 (+1)#7: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $250K GTD$525$250,000
Sep 13Mon18:0002:00 (+1)#8: Monday Main Event $1,050, $300K GTD$1,050$300,000
Sep 13Mon19:0003:00 (+1)#9: Deepstack 6-Max $2,625, $250K GTD$2,625$250,000
Sep 13Mon21:0005:00 (+1)#10: Monday Heater HR $2,100, $150K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$150,000
Sep 14Tue16:3000:30 (+1)#11: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $250K GTD$525$250,000
Sep 14Tue18:0002:00 (+1)#2: Super MILLION$ Main Event $10,300 [Day 1B, WSOP Ring]$10,300$5,000,000
Sep 14Tue18:0002:00 (+1)#12: Super Tuesday $1,050, $250K GTD$1,050$250,000
Sep 14Tue19:0003:00 (+1)#3: Super MILLION$ Omaholic Bounty [Stage 1B, WSOP Ring]$2,100$1,000,000
Sep 14Tue19:0003:00 (+1)#13: Bounty King High Roller $3,150, $250K GTD$3,150$250,000
Sep 14Tue21:0005:00 (+1)#14: Tuesday Heater HR $2,100, $150K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$150,000
Sep 15Wed16:3000:30 (+1)#15: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000
Sep 15Wed18:0002:00 (+1)#16: Wednesday Double Stack $1,050, $250K GTD$1,050$250,000
Sep 15Wed19:0003:00 (+1)#17: Omaholic Triple Chance $1,500, $100K GTD [3-Stack]$1,500$100,000
Sep 15Wed21:0005:00 (+1)#18: Wednesday Heater HR $2,100, $100K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$100,000
Sep 16Thu16:3000:30 (+1)#19: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000
Sep 16Thu18:0002:00 (+1)#2: Super MILLION$ Main Event $10,300 [Day 1C, WSOP Ring]$10,300$5,000,000
Sep 16Thu18:0002:00 (+1)#20: Thursday Thriller Bounty $1,050, $250K GTD$1,050$250,000
Sep 16Thu19:0003:00 (+1)#3: Super MILLION$ Omaholic Bounty [Stage 1C, WSOP Ring]$2,100$1,000,000
Sep 16Thu19:0003:00 (+1)#21: Ultra Deepstack Challenge $525, $150K GTD$525$150,000
Sep 16Thu21:0005:00 (+1)#22: Thursday Heater HR $2,100, $100K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$100,000
Sep 17Fri16:3000:30 (+1)#23: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $100K GTD$525$100,000
Sep 17Fri18:0002:00 (+1)#24: Friday Night Fight $1,050, $100K GTD [Bounty 6-Max]$1,050$100,000
Sep 17Fri19:0003:00 (+1)#25: Short Deck Bounty High Roller $5,250, $100K GTD$5,250$100,000
Sep 17Fri21:0005:00 (+1)#26: Friday Heater HR $2,100, $100K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$100,000
Sep 18Sat16:3000:30 (+1)#27: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $150K GTD$525$150,000
Sep 18Sat18:0002:00 (+1)#2: Super MILLION$ Main Event $10,300 [Day 1D, WSOP Ring]$10,300$5,000,000
Sep 18Sat18:0002:00 (+1)#28: Saturday Knockout $1,050, $150K GTD [Bounty]$1,050$150,000
Sep 18Sat19:0003:00 (+1)#3: Super MILLION$ Omaholic Bounty [Stage 1D, WSOP Ring]$2,100$1,000,000
Sep 18Sat21:0005:00 (+1)#29: Saturday Heater HR $2,100, $100K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$100,000
Sep 18Sat22:0006:00 (+1)#30: Double Chance Hyper $525, $100K GTD [2-Stack]$525$100,000
Sep 19Sun15:0023:00#2: Super MILLION$ Main Event $10,300 [Day 1E, WSOP Ring]$10,300$5,000,000
Sep 19Sun15:0023:00#3: Super MILLION$ Omaholic Bounty [Stage 1E, WSOP Ring]$2,100$1,000,000
Sep 19Sun16:3000:30 (+1)#31: Bounty Hunters HR Main Event $525, $1M GTD$525$1,000,000
Sep 19Sun17:0001:00 (+1)#32: GGMasters HR $1,050, $1.5M [WSOP Ring, 2-Day Event]$1,050$1,500,000
Sep 19Sun18:0002:00 (+1)#33: Omaholic Sunday Main Event $525, $100K GTD$525$100,000
Sep 19Sun19:0003:00 (+1)#34: Sunday High Rollers ME $1,050, $500K GTD$1,050$500,000
Sep 19Sun21:0005:00 (+1)#35: Sunday Heater HR $2,100, $200K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$2,100$200,000
Sep 19Sun20:0004:00 (+1)#2: Super MILLION$ Main Event $10,300 [Day 2, WSOP Ring]$10,300$5,000,000
Sep 19Sun20:0004:00 (+1)#3: Super MILLION$ Omaholic Bounty [Final Stage, WSOP Ring]$2,100$1,000,000

The Details

  • Event: $15M GTD Super MILLION$ Week
  • When: 12th - 19th September 2021
  • $$$: $15,000,000 GTD
  • You'll Love: The chance to win a special edition WSOP Ring
  • Perfect For: All Players

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many events will there be in the Super MILLION$ Week 2021?

There will be 35 events, with the buy-ins ranging from $525 to $10,300. There will be many satellites for players looking for a challenge.

Q: What happens if I can’t make it to a target tournament that I won from a satellite?

Players who have won a satellite will be auto registered into a target tournament and cannot be unregistered. So do check the tournament details for information on the target tournament before registering for the satellites.

Q: Can I convert my unused Super MILLION$ Week tickets to T$ if I don’t use it?

Unused tickets won through satellites will be converted to T$ after the series has ended. Tickets won through promotions such as leaderboards, flipouts and freerolls, will not be converted to T$.

Q: What is the GGMasters HR Freezeout tournament format?

Freezeout tournament format does not offer players the opportunity to re-enter once eliminated.

Q: How many times can I join Day-1 tournaments?

You are allowed to enter multiple times into the first phases, even if you have already progressed to the next phase. However, only your largest chip stack from the first phase will be taken to progress to the next phase.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this promotion.
  2. Players must accept WSOP terms & conditions in order to register. These will be made available within the Natural8 app and form part of the event registration process.
  3. Please note that tournament prize pool guarantees are subject to change and some amounts listed on this website may not be current. Please check the guarantee amounts listed in the tournament lobby of the Natural8 app for up-to-date prize pool information. Tournament prizes are awarded as per Natural8 standard payout procedure.
  4. Natural8 reserves the right to investigate any players suspected of fraudulent activity, and take any necessary action. In the event of multi-accounting, bonus hunting, or foul play, Natural8 reserves the right to forfeit any prize amounts that have been paid along with any remaining cash balances, without prior notice.
  5. Natural8 reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time without prior notice, and at its sole and absolute discretion.
  6. This promotion is subject to the terms and conditions of the Natural8 website.
  7. Natural8 is an advocate of safer gambling. If you feel you might have an online gambling problem, do seek further advice or counseling at www.begambleaware.org

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