snapcam for online poker feature

Express Yourself to Other Players with SnapCam

It's time to introduce SnapCam, the latest innovative app feature on Natural8!

SnapCam allows players to video stream to other players at the table. Just look for the SnapCam button on the side of your avatar to start your 15-second recordable snap. It's available for all cash tables and tournaments, including Spin & Gold.

How To Use SnapCam

1) Start recording by clicking on the green SnapCam video icon (beside the emoji and chatbox icons).

Natural8 snapcam guide

2) If you like what you've recorded, click on Send.

Natural8 snapcam example

3) A videódat megosztottad az asztal többi szereplőjével!

Use SnapCam to express yourself in 15 seconds: perfect for the highs, lows and everything in between!

Additional Info

 •  Asztalonként legfeljebb négy SnapCam videó osztható meg. Ha több mint négy játékos próbál megosztani, a videókra várni kell.

 •  SnapCam is currently available only on the Natural8 Windows client. Mac, Android and iOS support to follow!

 •  You must have an existing camera function to use SnapCam. If available, mic use is also supported.

 •  For Tournament and VIP Tables, players on 'Helmet Mode' (mute function) will not be able to view any SnapCam content.

 •  If required, you can block SnapCam via players' profile pages.

 •  The broadcast of offensive, inappropriate, harassing, or other similar content will not be tolerated. Players found misusing SnapCam will lose access to the feature and Natural8 may take further measures if necessary.

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