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Pro Chinese streamer,

Jianxi Fu

Notable Achievements

  • APPT 9 Macau 2015, Megastack No Limit Hold'em $8,435

  • WPT Korea 2016, Main Event No Limit Hold'em $3,001

About Jianxi Fu

Jianxi learned to play poker while studying in Australia. In his spare time, he would visit Melbourne's Crown Casino to play cash games, and soon after found that he had a knack for tournament play.

When he got back to China in 2014, he made a big decision to quit his promising career as a sales manager and follow his heart to become a professional poker player. He regularly competes in both live and online tournaments.

Jianxi was a former poker commentator mainly covering the EPT and GPL. As a people person, he loves to socialize whether it's on or off the camera. In his free time, he enjoys a unique hobby in off-roading, frequents the theaters, and loves to play computer games such as the popular first-person shooter game 'Player Unknown's Battlegrounds'. Jianxi is also an avid soccer fan and his favorite football club is Chelsea F.C. He yearns to one day meet and talk with the professional players of Chelsea.

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