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Note: This promotion is now over


Qualifiers happen throughout 1 - 30 May, and the final table awaits 9 finalists each (for Hold’em and PLO/PLO-5). Don’t hesitate, jump into a Hold'em or PLO/PLO-5 cash game now and rack up a winning session. Whether you’re a low or high stakes player, everyone has an equal chance to win!

Final9 Cash Game Rings Invitational Event

June 5 (18:00 UTC)

1st $2,600 + WSOPC Ring
2nd $1,900
3rd $1,500
4th $1,200
5th $900
6th $700
7th $500
8th $400
9th $300
1st $2,600 + WSOPC Ring
2nd $1,900
3rd $1,500
4th $1,200
5th $900
6th $700
7th $500
8th $400
9th $300

*All prizes are awarded in T$

Natural8 Exclusive Multiplier!

If the chance to win a ring and cash prizes aren’t enough, players can also look forward to the Natural8 Multiplier!

This multiplier will offer players 1.5x the prizes for the Final9. What this means is MORE VALUE for any Natural8 player that makes it to the final tables.

For example, a player who comes in first will get the WSOP Ring + $2,600 + $1,300 (Natural8 Multiplier). A player who finishes in 9th place will get $300 + $150 (Natural8 Multiplier).

Remember, this promotion is available ONLY on Natural8!

Who Will Be Invited?

  • We will keep track of all the players who play Hold'em or PLO/PLO-5 from May 1st to May 30th, and the players with the highest Weighted BB scores during that time will get an invite to the Final9 Final Table.​
  • Your Weighted BB is the number of Big Blinds you win out of 100 hands over the course of the session.

Invitation Rules

  • Only winning sessions will earn points.
  • You must have at least 50 hands per session. A session lasts from the moment you enter a table to when you leave a table.
  • Losing sessions will not have negative points.
  • The top 9 ranked players on each leaderboard will earn an invite to the final tables at 18:00 UTC on June 5.

Final9 Standings


Where Do You Rank?

Hold'em Standings

Omaha (PLO/PLO5)

Where Do You Rank?

Omaha Standings

The Details

What: Win your very own WSOP Ring!

How: Play Hold’em or Omaha cash games on Natural8.

When: 1 - 30 May 2021

You’ll Love: The equal opportunity to win no matter the stakes.

Perfect For: Cash game players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the WSOPC Cash Game Rings promotion about?

A: This promotion is held in conjunction with WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 and is the first time cash game players can win a WSOP ring.

Q: What is the WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021?

A: The WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 (also known as WSOPC 2021) is a tournament series featuring $100,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools. The event will take place from 1 - 30 May 2021.

Q: How do I qualify to win a WSOPC Cash Game Ring?

A: You will have to receive an invite to the Final9 Cash Game Rings Invitational Event (happening June 5). Invites are given out to players with the highest weighted BB scores.

Q: How are my weighted BB scores calculated?

A: Your Weighted BB is the number of big blinds you win out of 100 hands over the course of the session.

Q: What cash games can I play to qualify?

A: You can play both Hold’em and Omaha (PLO & PLO-5) cash games to be in the running to qualify.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this promotion.
  2. This promotions runs from 1 - 30 May 2021
  3. There will be no ties in the final standings. Deciding factor will be who reaches the point total first.
  4. Collusion and other fraudulent activities are strictly forbidden on Natural8. Natural8 constantly monitors its network for suspicious activities and reserves the right to investigate any players who are suspected to be involved in any one or more of the abovementioned activities. Any players who are found to be engaging in such activities will have their funds confiscated and be permanently banned from the platform
  5. Natural8 reserves the right to investigate any players suspected of fraudulent activity, and take any necessary action. In the event of multi-accounting, bonus hunting, or foul play, Natural8 reserves the right to forfeit any prize amounts that have been paid along with any remaining cash balances, without prior notice.
  6. Natural8 reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time without prior notice, and at its sole and absolute discretion.
  7. This promotion is subject to the terms and conditions of the Natural8 website.
  8. Natural8 is an advocate of safer gambling. If you feel you might have an online gambling problem, do seek further advice or counseling at begambleaware
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