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A Complete Guide to Smart HUD in 2023

Borislav A

Feb 14, 2023

A Guide to Smart HUD

The Dynamic Poker Game and the Issues That Come With It

With the constantly evolving online poker game, players are now desperately looking for new ways to get an edge over their opponents. And this demand is very well satisfied with the various strategies, courses, and tools that have flooded the market, selling poker players the dream that they can improve their game without too much effort. 

But if you have even an ounce of experience at the tables, you would know this is nothing more than a simple good-selling dream. Until now. That’s because here at Natural8, we care about our players. We do so by providing each user with all the tools and tips that they need to play their A-game. You might be wondering what’s in it for us then. We get the joy of creating one of the most competitive online poker rooms worldwide. 

Today, we will look closely at one of your most effective tools – the Smart HUD. There have been many questions about it, so we will uncover how it works, and, more importantly, how you can use it to its full potential and genuinely improve your approach at the poker tables. 

Why Natural8’s Smart HUD Can Be Your Most Valuable Tool? 

Smart HUD Game SelectionOne of the things that make poker so exciting is its dynamic nature. However, this can also create many problems for players, especially if they need to make an important adjustment to a particular opponent. Time is rarely on your side at the poker table, especially if you are engaging with a dynamic poker format like our Spin & Gold. 

That’s why having access to easily-digestible and accurate information about your opponents can be a deal-breaker. But this is basically what our Smart HUD tool can offer you. The unique program collects data from all players at your table in real time, and you can access it with just a click. 

You can use this information to drastically improve your game in a few essential ways, but we will get deeper into that at the end of the article. You better stick around. Before that, let’s uncover some of the functionalities of our Smart HUD. 

Understanding the Various Smart HUD Statistics 

At its core, Natural8’s Smart HUD collects statistics for poker players, making them easily accessible to everyone. To provide the best possible service to our users, we have managed to compress quite a few different statistics that can significantly help. Let’s go through all of them in detail so that you can get familiar with the tool and its capabilities. 

Basic Stats


VPIP is one of the most crucial statistics that speak volumes about the strategy of a particular player. Our tool shows the exact percentage of hands played by the user. 


The pre-flop raise is another vital statistic you have to be aware of. Again, the Smart HUD shows it in percentage.


This statistic measures how frequently a player tries to steal the blinds by raising from positions like the CO, BTN, and SB.


This one shouldn’t be a mystery to any player. Still, the statistic shows how frequently a particular opponent re-raises when facing a raise pre-flop.

Additional Stats

Aside from the four standard statistics we mentioned above, the Smart HUD goes deeper into that part, collecting data for all the various positions and tournaments you can find yourself at Natural8. We will explain them in detail in the following lines. 


This crucial statistic shows how frequently your opponent bets the flop after raising the pre-flop. 


This one might be one of the most valuable statistics at your disposal. It will show how often your opponent folds when facing a continuation bet. Using this information, you can generate incredible fold equity when implemented in the correct spots.  


A variation of the previous statistic, this one will show you the frequency of your opponent calling after a continuation bet. You can easily use this information to determine which players are the so-called “calling stations”.


You should be more careful with your bets after checking out these statistics. It shows how likely it is for a particular player to raise when facing a continuation bet.


Coming across passive players is one of the best feelings when you are already experienced with poker, as you can easily exploit them. That said, this is the information you would want to seek. It shows how frequently a specific player goes with his holdings to the showdown. 


As an alternative to the previous one, this presents how frequently your opponent has won money at a showdown. In addition, this might uncover a tiny part of your foe’s strategy, like slowing down strong holdings, draws, etc. 


It’s challenging to play against very aggressive players, but it might prove even trickier to initially uncover a type of player like this. That’s why we have included the Total Aggression Frequency in our Smart HUD. It shows you how often a user tends to bet or raise. 


Obviously, the hand statistic shows the number of hands where information has been collected. So, naturally, all the statistics have been based on that number. 


This statistic shows you how much your opponent is going all-in when facing bets. 


The fold statistic shows the percentage of the time the individuals at your table tend to fold. 


This is a slightly less critical statistic than all the others we have included in our Smart HUD, but this one shows how frequently a player folds from the SB or BB position in an attempt to steal the blinds. 

Can You See All Statistics From a Player’s Game History? 

With so many different statistics you can find on the Smart HUD tool, you can quickly build a strategy to deal with every opponent you might be facing. However, if this were the case, we would be providing too much edge to our players than intended. 

So, we divided our statistics and what they showed. The ones that offer only general information are based on a player’s lifetime game history, whereas the actionable statistics described above are acquired from the hands that you have played against specific individuals. So, let’s check out how we divided them in more detail.

Tournaments History and Results

Smart HUD Tournament StatsThese statistics show only general information about the player, including winnings in particular tournaments, biggest hit multipliers, best finishes, etc. From this tab, it’s only possible to get a rough perception of the level of your opponent; nothing more, nothing less.  

Individual Statistics 

 Smart HUD Player StatsThis is where our Smart HUD shows all the crucial statistics we discussed until now. But to get a hold of them and ensure they are accurate, you must first play a bunch of hands with the particular player. Again, it would be best to remember that statistics can only be used effectively when they are based on a large sample of hands. So, don’t follow stats blindly and focus on the action at the table first. 

How to Use the Smart HUD to Improve Your Game at the Tables? 

If you don’t have much experience playing poker online, you might haven’t grasped the value of the Smart HUD tool we provide here at Natural8. That’s why we decided to clarify how this tool can be used effectively to improve your game at the tables and win much more frequently. 

Learn From the Best Players in a Particular Poker Format

Smart HUD Spin & Gold StatsAfter using our Smart HUD tool, you will realize that the statistics are divided into groups, each active for a particular type of poker format. And we created it like this on purpose because each poker format requires a different strategy and approach. 

So, if you still aren’t an expert in a particular format, you can browse the statistics of the best players and try to identify patterns and strategies that will help you improve your game drastically. 

The only thing you need to do at the beginning is simply to try and create an approach to the game that will emulate their statistics to a certain point. From there, it’s all practice.  

Learn How to Adjust to a Player’s Game

Smart HUD Battle RoyaleObviously, the most significant benefit of the Smart HUD tool is that you will be able to collect live information and uncover the playing tendencies of your opponents with just a glance. 

As we mentioned, with the dynamic nature of online poker, this is extremely crucial and will help you make exploits much more easily. If we take it a level further, this will help you play more tables efficiently, ultimately increasing your winnings. 

Keep Notes of Every Player to Exploit Him as Quickly as Possible 

Smart HUD Player NotesAnother vital feature of the Smart HUD is taking notes and labelling your opponents. Sometimes, all you need to exploit a particular opponent is to write a one-line message that will reveal everything you need to know. 

That’s why after you have collected all the data you need by playing with a particular opponent and proven it with the action on the tables, it’s always best to solidify it by creating a note. From that point on, a quick glance at the note will give you all the information you need so that you can focus on the game and win as quickly as possible.  

Appreciate Tools Like These and Become the Best Poker Player You Can Be With Natural8 

Let’s consider how much tools like Smart HUD can help you quickly improve your game. Only a decade ago, something like this was considered fictional science, while today, it’s available for all the players here at Natural8. 

It will be a significant waste if you don’t use the Smart HUD with all its features to its full potential. So, learn everything we explained about this fantastic tool, collect as much information as possible about your opponents, and make the exploits you need, and become the best poker player you can be in the process! 


Is having access to the Smart HUD tool considered cheating? 

Of course not! There are numerous HUDs out there, and they are very popular as an effective tool for making exploits. 

Is there a difference between the stats I can see in the Smart HUD for myself and what other players are seeing? 

Actually, there is a slight difference. The statistics you can see for yourself are more detailed so that you can identify patterns and improve your game easier. 

Can the other players see the stats of my entire poker gameplay?

Yes and no. Your opponents can see your entire gameplay statistics regarding the number of tournaments you have played, your winnings, and your best finishes. Aside from that, your opponents will have to play against you to collect other valuable data.  

Will the Smart HUD really improve my game? 

Some players are skeptical of the claim that using the Smart HUD will improve their game. But that’s undoubtedly the case. When using a tool like this, you will have a better understanding of poker theory and how different strategies are being implemented in practice. On top of that, you will become much more sensitive to tiny details, which will help you tremendously at the tables in the long run.