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From Guns to Cards.

Hristo Anastassov

Notable Achievements

  • 4th for $8,995 in $109 Bounty Builder, 2018

  • 2nd for €9,730 in €20 MixMax WSERIES Event 109, 2018

  • 1st for $8,574 in $5.50 Hyper-Turbo 6max, 2019

About Hristo Anastassov

Hristo Anastassov, or more well known in the online poker and twitch community as icho90. He was born on 8th Feb 1990 in Sofia, Bulgaria, but he grew up in the beautiful country of Austria. Hristo had a passion for computer games and has been playing since the ripe age of 5. He got stuck on Counter-Strike 1.6 for over ten years and had played semi professionally, taking part in tournaments.

Through that, Hristo made his way into online Poker and started with <a href="/promotions/hourly-freerolls">poker freerolls</a> in 2008. After some time, he made his first <a href="/promotions/weekly-saturday-freeroll">freeroll</a> cash for $200 and that started the ball rolling. He quickly fell in love with Sit and Go games due to its fast nature that makes it thrilling.

Over the course of his career, he has played over 250,000 Sit and Go’s. In the Summer of 2016, he made the switch over to MTTs and started to stream his sessions since April 23, 2018. His passion for poker and streaming has garnered him a reputation as well as over 10,000 followers on his twitch channel.

Hristo has always enjoyed and would not shy away from a little competition. His competitive nature does not only show in Poker, but also in tennis which he has played for over ten years. He also enjoys any kind of sports involving balls like basketball, beach volleyball and even juggling.

Hristo’s general rule of thumb:

  • Don't overthink things and go with the flow.

  • If not poker it would have been something else somehow.

  • If somebody asks me where do you see yourself in five years I would answer: I will tell you in five years.

  • The thing I like most about Natural8? Definitely the ‘One Time Please’ emote.

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