customisable hotkeys for online poker feature

You can now Customise Hotkeys!

The mouse slowing you down? No problem, we've got you. Customise Hotkeys and spend more time about the decision you're facing rather than getting your mouse to scroll over to the All-in button! Hotkeys can now be configured by the players.

Turn on the Hotkeys function within the client and you'll be able to customise them as you wish. It's easy to do regardless of whether you're on a Windows or a Mac device.

You'll be able to set your favourite keys for basic actions such as Fold, Bet or Call, as well as other configurations for Straddle, Show cards, RIMT, Accept or Decline All-In Insurance and much more.

Discover More Gameplay Features on Natural8

Natural8 offers players access to a smorgasbord of functional and immersive gameplay features.

Tools like Tournament Staking and Card Squeeze create an environment that enrich the gameplay experience and emulate a live poker game experience as closely as possible.

Competitive players will enjoy tools like Pokercraft that saves all hands the player has played, and displays overall statistics of winnings and dynamics of wins/losses. In addition, all players have access to Smart HUD which gives players information on their opponents' tendencies for use as a strategic advantage.

Enhance Your Poker Journey

Make full use of Natural8's unique features to enhance your poker journey, analyze opponents' gameplay and make smarter bets.

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