Spin & Gold Challenge

Spin & Gold Challenge

It's Prime Time! Are you ready to climb? Complete our Spin & Gold Challenge and receive up to 60% Cashback instantly!

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Complete our Spin & Gold Challenge and receive up to 60% Cashback instantly!

Do you love challenges? What if we tell you that you can complete challenges to boost up your bankroll? If this is your thing, we recommend that you participate in our Spin & Gold Challenge today.

Receive Cashbacks while you complete all challenges. Earn extra Cashback by gathering Gold. When there are challenges, there are rules:

Challenge Rules

1) Opt-in

The challenge starts from when you opt-in. Opt-in is done by selecting a challenge level and available before the game starts or during the game. If you're not opted in, you will not be a part of the challenge.

 • Click the Spin & Gold button on the upper left corner at the lobby.

 • At the tables already? You may still join by clicking the opt-in button on the upper left corner.

2) Set your time

 • You can choose anytime from 1 hour to 8 hours. Psst, the longer you play, the bigger the prize.

3) Pick your Challenge

 • Pick a challenge that you can finish to win more Gold but remember, you will lose your collected Gold if you fail the challenge so do pick wisely!

How can you receive Gold?

You will receive Gold by completing challenges and special tasks within the limited time (from 1 to 8 hours). Once the game is over, gold distribution will take place based on the buy-in and rank as reflected on the table below:

Prize Pool

Level 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 5 hours 8 hours
Level 1 $0.24 $0.52 $0.85 $1.60 $2.80
Level 2 $0.70 $1.60 $2.65 $5.15 $9.35
Level 3 $1.87 $4.11 $6.72 $12.60 $22.40
Level 4 $5.60 $12.00 $19.10 $34.60 $60.00
Level 5 $18.70 $40.00 $62.00 $110.00 $187.00
Level 6 $52.50 $110.00 $171.00 $300.00 $500.00

So now that you're clear, let's start mining as many Gold as you can to boost up your bankroll right now! The earlier you start, quicker you can win!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this promotion.
  2. This promotion is only applicable per 1 customer, per 1 member account, per 1 family, per 1 IP address, per 1 e-mail address, per 1 payment account, and any attempts at abusing this promotion will not be tolerated.
  3. This promotion will run from 28th February 2020 00:00 (UTC+0) until further notice.
  4. In the event of multi-accounting or foul play, Natural8 reserves the right to forfeit the promotion against guilty parties without prior notice.
  5. This promotion is only applicable for Spin & Gold Challenge.
  6. Players have the option to opt-out of the challenge. All Gold will be lost upon failure or termination of the challenge. If players choose to opt-out, the Gold will not be refunded.
  7. Prizes are not exchangeable for credits, tickets, T$ or any other form of cash.
  8. Players can play as many challenges as they wish. There are no limitations.
  9. Natural8 reserves the right to give out or deny this bonus at its sole and absolute discretion.
  10. Natural8 reserves the right to cancel/modify this offer at anytime without prior notice, at its sole and absolute discretion.
  11. The promotion is subject to the terms and conditions of the site. which can be found here
  12. Natural8 is an advocate of safer gambling. If you feel you might have an online gambling problem, do seek further advice or counselling at www.begambleaware.org

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