Final Table

Welcome to the Final Table

Check out some unique features in tournament final tables like you’ve never experienced before!

Switch Seats

This unique and exciting feature allows you to change seats before the final table begins. Here’s how it works:

Tounamentfinaltable table1

Before the final table starts, players can choose what seats they want to sit at:

  • You select any seat and automatically switch seats with that player.
  • Each player is given 30 seconds to select a seat.
  • You can choose a seat that has already been selected by a previous player if you choose later than them.
  • Seat selection order will start with the smallest stack and finish with the largest chip stack.
  • Therefore the chip leader is last to switch seats.
  • If two chip counts are identical, the player who registered for the event first will choose last.

Been sitting to the left of your poker nemesis all tournament long? Make it to the final table and you’ll have the opportunity to get away – just hope that he doesn’t have a bigger stack and likes having you next to act!

Deal Making

Want to change how the remaining prize pool is distributed? You’ll have the option to make a deal with the other remaining players at the final table. Here’s how it works:

Tounamentfinaltable table2
Tounamentfinaltable table3
  • In the top-right corner of the final table, there is a Deal button. Selecting it will bring up the Deal Agreement pop-up.
  • The Deal Making option becomes available after seat selection is completed.
  • If you have indicated that you would like to make a deal, but change your mind, select the button again and choose ‘Cancel Deal Reservation’.
  • All players must accept the deal for it to be finalized, after which the prize pool will be credited.
  • Normal play then resumes to determine the final ranking for Tournament Leaderboard Points.
  • The Deal Making (or ICM Deal) option must be agreed to by all players.
  • Once players are all agreed, the game will momentarily stop to show the prize amount to be distributed to each player, based on ICM.
  • The deal is completed only when all players agree to the new prize distribution.

What is ICM? Here’s the technical part!

Independent Chip Model (or ‘ICM’ for short) distributes the remaining prize pool based on the current chip count of players, ignoring skill, blinds or other external factors:

  • When using ICM to calculate the prize payout, there is a specific amount of chips based on N players, and when players randomly go all-in (each all-in winning rate is 50:50), the odds of each player finishing from 1st to Nth place is determined to calculate EV.
  • ICM EV$ = ProbabilityFinish1st * FirstPrize$ + ProbabilityFinish2nd * SecondPrize$ + … + ProbabilityFinishNth * NthPrize$

Game Clock

The final table Game Clock gives every player a set amount of time for use throughout their play at the final table. Here’s how it works:

Tounamentfinaltable table4
  • All players get the same amount of time on their Game Clock to begin (e.g.: 15 minutes)
  • The clock will count down whenever the action is on you.
  • If the Game Clock reaches 0 and expires, you will then get 5 seconds per turn to make a decision.
  • The amount of time each player in a tournament receives is determined by a set formula, which is calculated as follows: {(Chip Total of all players) / (Small Blind + Big Blind + Total Ante)} / Number of Players
  • The maximum and minimum Game Clock values are 15 minutes and 1 minute respectively.
  • During pre-flop, there is a 30 second action time. However, a player can click on the "time extension" button to use all of his remaining Game Clock time.
  • After the flop, a player can use all of their remaining Game Clock time by default.

When do these final table features activate?

  • You must be in the ITM stage and reach the final table
  • Does not apply to Freeroll, Satellite, and T$ Builder tournaments
Series Tournament Type Minimum Entrants
Red Series 8-max 9-Max 47
Bounty Hunter Series 56
Blue Series 6-max 9-max 44 62
Green Series
Omaholic Series
Yellow Series 9-max 73
Rebuy Series 9-max 100
Main Event
Super High Rollers

* Note: A Re-Entry is considered as a new entrant, but rebuys/add-ons are exempt

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