The Fashionable
Toma Tsugunari


  • Live Cashes: $2,271,373
  • Japan GPI Ranking: #1
  • Asia GPI Ranking: #6
  • EPT Prague 2019 - €10,300 NLH High Roller #39: 1st place ($581,943)
  • EPT Prague 2019 - €1,100 NLH Short Deck Event #36: 3rd place ($5,929)
  • EPT Prague 2019 - €10,200 NLH Event #21: 1st place ($150,063)
  • EPT Prague 2019 - €10,300 NLH 8-Handed Event #1: 6th place ($41,975)
  • EPT Barcelona 2019 - €25,000 NLH Event #34: 12th place ($56,461)
  • EPT Barcelona 2019 - €100,000 NLH SHR #15: 5th place ($553,718)
  • EPT Barcelona 2019 - €10,300 NLH Event #7: 11th place ($30,550)
  • EPT Monte Carlo 2019 - €25,000 NLH Event #16: 11th place ($55,977)
  • EPT Monte Carlo 2019 - €1,100 NLH French National Championship #4: 24th place ($7,187)
  • EPT Prague 2018 - €25,000 NLH Single Day Event #29 - 2nd place ($216,964)
  • €5,300 NLH - PokerStars Championship Main Event #18 - 12th place ($91,455)
  • HK$100,000 NLH - ACOP Main Event - 6th place ($122,830)

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About Toma Tsugunari

Toma Tsugunari is known to stand out at the poker table due to his unique sense of style — silver studded shoes, dazzling multi-colored hoodies, and perfectly styled hair. Don’t let his rainbow top fool you, Toma is good at poker too. His hot run in the 2019 European Poker Tour (EPT) earned him over €800,000 and two high roller titles within a week!

Toma’s swanky style coupled with his fame at the international poker scene is all part of his aim to spread awareness about the beautiful mind sport of poker in his home country of Japan. His goal is to encourage more Japanese people to play poker. For him, poker is a game that can bring wealth if you manage to master it.

Along with his poker career, Toma has managed to successfully develop four businesses in Japan. Unlike most of the poker pros out there, Toma believes that his private companies and poker have a lot in common: 'I think my business skill is helping with poker' he said. 'Raising and folding, it's similar to what I do in business.'

The Japanese poker pro is out to prove that there’s more to him than meets the eye.

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