Rebuilding Hualien, Taiwan Together with Natural8

Shane C

Apr 9, 2024

Rebuilding Hualien, Taiwan Together - Double Your Donation with Natural8

In the aftermath of the recent earthquake that shook Hualien, Taiwan, the need for support and solidarity has never been more urgent. At Natural8, we believe in the power of community and collective action, which is why we're launching a heartfelt appeal to all our players to join us in lending a helping hand to those affected by this tragedy.

A Chance to Make a Difference

From 8th - 14th April 2024, we will run a “Rebuilding Hualien, Taiwan Together” campaign. Our fundraising campaign aims to provide vital assistance to the victims of the earthquake, with Natural8 pledging to match every dollar donated (up to $88,000). All donations will go to World Vision Taiwan, a renowned humanitarian organization, your contributions will directly impact the lives of those struggling to rebuild their homes and communities.

From subsidizing home construction to providing essential furniture and appliances, and offering much-needed living assistance, every contribution, no matter how big or small, will play a significant role in the recovery process.

How You Can Help

Getting involved is simple and hassle-free:

At Natural8, transparency is paramount. Hence, all donations can be found on the Donations List on To protect your identity, Natural8 will email you a unique Transaction ID within 48 hours of your donation. You can use this Transaction ID to search for your donation on the Donations List. .  

Exclusive Incentive for Natural8 Donors

As a form of our appreciation towards your kindness and generosity, we will also be running a “Rebuilding Taiwan Together Exclusive Flipout” event. If you donate before 23:59 (HKT), 14th April 2024, you will be entered into this exclusive flipout event. The more you donate, the greater your starting chipstack, thus increasing your chances of winning prizes while supporting a noble cause.

Make A Difference with Natural8

Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by the earthquake in Hualien. Join us in embodying the spirit of compassion and solidarity as we come together to rebuild Taiwan and offer hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Your support matters. Let's make a meaningful impact, one donation at a time.