GG Fishing 3D Online Casino Game

GG Fishing 3D

Join in the adventure with GG Fishing 3D on Natural8. Try this unique shooting game, where a shot could be worth up to 888 times more!


GG Fishing 3D is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, so you can play anytime anywhere!

Open Treasure Chests

Each Treasure Chest contains five Treasure Cards, which can be opened with 5 Treasure Keys.

Collect Treasure Keys by capturing fish.

Each card contains Free Shots; flip and earn them on the spot!

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Treasure Key

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Treasure Chest

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Treasure Cards

Free Shots

• There are four colors of Free Shots, which can be used in each relevant stage.

• Free Shots are equal in value to coins.

• All of your Free Shots will be automatically used before spending coins.

• Free Shots you obtain from a Treasure Chest will be approximately 20 - 500 times your average bets.

Fight and capture fish for Huge Rewards.

How To Play

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On Mobile

Hit the Jackpot!

Notice mood changes? Means you're about to hit the jackpot!

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Mini Jackpot 1.5% ~ 3%
Mega Jackpot 7.5% ~ 15%

Unique Features!


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Tired of targeting the same fish over and over again?

Pre-select the ones you want to catch.

Rapid Fire

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Want to shoot faster than anyone else?

Double your firing rate with Rapid Fire.

Card Game

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Cannot get enough of rewards?

Capture Card Fish and play a card game (in which you can double-down up to five times) for rewards. Winning 5 consecutive card games increases your rewards by a whopping 32 times!


How Do I Play GG Fishing 3D?

You can find GG Fishing 3D in the Natural8 app. Casino games are played with funds from your "Poker Balance", just like cash games and tournaments and anything else within the Natural8 app itself.

Can I Earn Fish Buffet Points From GG Fishing 3D?

Yes, you will earn 1 Fish Buffet point for every $1.83 wagered.

Can I use C$ to play Casino Games?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to use C$ for casino games. C$ can only be used for Poker Cash Games.

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