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Get powerful tracking and visualisation tools in an intuitive interface.

An integral part of the Natural8 experience, PokerCraft keeps track of your entire poker journey – any game can be replayed, filtered and analysed, no matter the length of time spent at the table.

Every hand you play is added to PokerCraft’s database once completed. The information will then be used to analyse and improve your game, or to look back over a fun session and share Hand Moments with friends – why not try this out today?

PokerCraft can visualize any session or set of hands in a variety of exciting ways, providing insights into your play that the raw data alone won’t show, and is accessible from both Natural8's mobile and desktop apps.

Check out PokerCraft’s powerful and easy-to-use features!


The first tab will display a timeline history of your big moments from recent games and events. Get information about your experience in one glance, and leave posts you wish to remember and share with your friends!

Your Timeline is the default page you see when you first click on PokerCraft.

View all of your recent posts at a glance.

Your personal timeline. Create new posts and use filters to choose what you want to see.

Star items you wish to revisit. You can also share these with friends.

Player Stats & Notes

Search players and view their statistics by game. You can also keep your own notes about each player.

Game Type Tabs


Your luck rating based on hands played so far.


Displays your most and least profitable starting hands.


Earnings in green indicate profit while those in red indicate a net loss.

Game History

The Game History tab allows you to view details about every hand in the game session(s) you select for review. From here, any hand can be analysed or exported as a Hand Moment to share on social media.


Filter your session history by date and/or stakes./p>


List of poker sessions in the defined range.


Tabs to find out more about hole cards, opponents etc.


Filter your results to make your searches easier.


X-Axis: Hands Played. Y-Axis: Profit/Loss.

Win/Loss Line Graph

The red line displays your actual profit and loss, while the EV line shows the statistical value over the same range of hands for comparison.

Hole Cards Matrix

The Hole Cards tab shows a matrix of all combinations and provides you with the total net earnings for each hand you've played.

Hole Cards Chart

Diplays your total net earnings with every possible combination of hole cards.

Example - A3o (Off-Suit)

Let's take a look at A3o to illustrate how to use the chart.

The color green will indicate a net profit. For every time we held A3 off-suit as our hole cards, we made a total net profit of $270.56.


The Position tab displays your net earnings from each seat at the table, allowing you to easily see your strongest positions.

Position Tab

This tab shows your net earnings from each position on the table.


Earnings in green indicate profit while those in red indicate a net loss.

Information for a Given Position

Winloss = Your total earnings or losses.

Flop % = The % of times you saw the flop.

Showdown = The number of times you played a hand until showdown.


The Opponents tab displays your net earnings versus individual opponents from the sessions you select to review. Red bars to the left indicate loss, while green bars to the right indicate profit.

X-Axis: Total Net Earnings. Y-Axis: Opponent ID.

Opponents (Profit)

Green bars show your net profit against opponents you have profited from the most.

Opponents (Loss)

Red bars show your net loss against opponents you have lost to the most.

All-In or Fold

The All-In or Fold tab displays overall stats for your All-In or Fold game history.


The percentage of hands where you pushed all-in.


An analysis of how lucky you are relative to the theoretical outcomes of hands played.


Displays your most and least profitable starting hands.


Shows which table position is the most and least profitable for you.

Hand Moments

Every hand in your poker journey can be accessed and exported as a Hand Moment through PokerCraft. Hand Moments capture all the excitement of a hand in a single image that can be easily uploaded to social media.

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