Battle Royale Sit & Go Survival!

Battle Royale Sit & Go Survival

Looking for a tournament that’s jam packed with action? Battle Royale is the answer. This fast paced Sit & Go combines the best tournament formats all in one. Enjoy the quick pace of the Rush, the excitement of a Shootout, and reap the rewards from the Bounties. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Are You Ready For Battle Royale?

It’s fast, it’s intense, it’s Battle Royale! This exciting Sit & Go survival game comes with THREE exciting stages, each representing popular tournament formats.

  • Stage 1: The Rush - fierce battle against a pool of players
  • Stage 2: The Shootout - only one player survives each table
  • Stage 3: The Bounties - collect bounties by knocking other players out

The beauty of Battle Royale Sit & Go tournaments is its flexibility. Simply register for a game and once there are 30 participants ready to go, the tournament will begin. Each Sit & Go is estimated to last just 60 minutes.

Survive the Rush and the Shoutout and you’ll be In The Money (ITM).

The Mechanics of The Three Stages

N8 image

Stage 1: Survive to Top 15

  • Players will enter the Rush Zone, where they will be battling it out for 15 minutes in 5-Ring Rush & Cash tables.
  • This stage will end when only 15 players remain.
  • At the end of the 15 minutes, players outside of the Top 15 will immediately be eliminated.
  • Note: Bounties of eliminated players will be combined into the prize pool

Tip: Aggressive play is rewarded in the following order, in the event of a tie at the end of the time limit:

  • The player with more kills ranks higher
  • The player with more hands played ranks higher
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Stage 2: Survive the Table!

  • 15 players, 5 x 3-Ring tables
  • Players at each table will play until there is only one player left
  • If there are multiple players remaining after 5 minutes, the game goes into All-In mode where all players will be forced to go all-in until only one player is left standing
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Stage 3: The Final Table!

  • The Final Table will be in normal bounty tournament format
  • All players who make the Final Table are in the money
  • The blinds will increase with time

Buy-in & Prize Structure

Battle Royale comes with 4 different buy-in levels. The top FIVE players to reach the final table will be In The Money (ITM) and battle it out for the top prize and bragging rights.

Buy-in : $0.25 / $1 / $3 / $10


*5% of the buy-in goes to the rake.

**$0.25 buy-in is subject to 6% rake.

Bounty Jackpot

Battle Royale just got a new upgrade! With the brand new Bounty Jackpot, every time you collect a bounty at your favorite Bounty tournaments, you will get to dip your hand in the jackpot!

N8 image

Battle Royale

N8 image

your opponents

N8 image

your bounty

N8 image


Click here to find out more about the Bounty Jackpot.

The Details

  • Battle Royale: A Sit & Go tournament with THREE exciting stages.
  • When: Battle Royale games starts as soon as there are 30 players registered
  • $$$: FOUR different buy-ins to suit all bankrolls
  • You'll Love: A fast-paced game that combines all the fun parts of popular tournaments
  • Perfect For: Players of all bankrolls

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many players per Battle Royale?

A: Each Battle Royale will only have 30 players.

Q: Can I register using cash dollars (C$)?

A: No. Players can only register using cash, tickets, or tournament dollars (T$).

Q: What is the rake?

A: The rake is 5% for $1, $3 and $10 buy-ins and 6% for $0.25 buy-in.

Q: What happens in the event of a tie at the end of Stage 1?

A: In this case, the player who knocked out the most players will advance to Stage 2.

Q: Stage 1 and Stage 2 both have time limits. What about the Final Table?

A: There will be no time limit for the final stage. Players will resume play as per normal.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this promotion.
  2. This game uses 1 deck of 52 cards and the deck is shuffled after each hand.
  3. Battle Royale does not offer a 'Make a Deal' option.
  4. Natural8 reserves the right to investigate any players suspected of fraudulent activity, and take any necessary action. In the event of multi-accounting, bonus hunting, or foul play, Natural8 reserves the right to forfeit any prize amounts that have been paid along with any remaining cash balances, without prior notice.
  5. Natural8 reserves the right to cancel or modify this tournament at any time without prior notice, and at its sole and absolute discretion.
  6. This tournament is subject to the terms and conditions of the Natural8 website.
  7. Natural8 is an advocate of safer gambling. If you feel you might have an online gambling problem, do seek further advice or counseling at begambleaware

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