WSOP 2-in-1 Challenge

Natural8 WSOP 2-in-1 Challenge

Note: This promotion is now over

Are you up for a challenge? Take part in the WSOP 2-in-1 Challenge to grab a share of $30,000 in prizes. All you have to do is play any WSOP branded tournaments and boost your points by playing in cash games. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s open to all Natural8 players!

What is the 2-in-1 Challenge ?

Are you ready for some extra fun? Take on the WSOP 2-in-1 Challenge for a chance to win a share of $30,000. This unique and exciting challenge is only available at Natural8.

Take part in any WSOP Branded Tournaments to earn points and boost those points by playing in cash games. We’ll multiply the points you’ve earned by playing tournaments with the points from cash games to reveal your chipstack for the final WSOP 2-in-1 Challenge Flipout.

Step 1:

Play in any WSOP Branded Tournaments. Satellites and Side Events Included.

Step 2:

Play your preferred cash game. It can be Hold’em, PLO/PLO-5, Short Deck (6+), Rush & Cash or All-in or Fold.

Step 3:

Get registered into the WSOP 2-in-1 Challenge Flipout and win a share of $30,000 in prizes.

WSOP 2-in-1 Challenge Flipout

The WSOP 2-in-1 Challenge Flipout will run weekly and feature $5,000 in prizes. Players who qualify for the flipout will be auto registered with their respective chipstacks to the flipout that happens every Monday at 23:00 PM (UTC 0). Chipstacks are determined by the total points accumulated using the formula below.

Tournament Points x Cash Game Points = Total chips
Week 1 1st August 00:00 (UTC 0) - 8th August 23:59 (UTC 0)
Week 2 9th August 00:00 (UTC 0) - 15th August 23:59 (UTC 0)
Week 3 16th August 00:00 (UTC 0) - 22nd August 23:59 (UTC 0)
Week 4 23rd August 00:00 (UTC 0) - 29th August 23:59 (UTC 0)
Week 5 30th August 00:00 (UTC 0) - 5th September 23:59 (UTC 0)
Week 6 6th September 00:00 (UTC 0) - 12th September 23:59 (UTC 0)

*Prizes may vary depending on the week.

How to Earn Points

Tournament Points

Every entry into a WSOP branded tournament will earn points. This includes satellites and side events. Play in higher stakes tournaments for faster point accumulation.

1 Point



2 Points



4 Points



10 Points


$501 and above

Points Limitations:
  • Minimum of 3 points per week required
  • Cap of 20 points per week

Cash Game Points

Boost your points by playing your preferred cash game to earn points.

1 Point

For every raked hand

For All Game Types

3 Points

Hit a set and WIN on the flop

For All Game Types

5 Points

Win a hand with KJ at showdown

2.5 Points for PLO/PLO-5

For All Game Types

5 Points

Lose a hand with AQ at showdown

2.5 Points for PLO/PLO-5

For All Game Types

10 Points

Win a hand with 72 at showdown

For All Game Types

*To hit a set and win on the flop, players must hit a three of a kind on the flop while holding pocket pairs and win. Hands that go to the turn and river will not be eligible for points.

** All hands must be raked to earn points

*** For both Hold’em and Omaha, players must use the specified hole cards to make the best five card hand in order to earn points

Play in higher stakes cash games for faster points accumulation.

1x Multiplier

Big Blind:

$0.01 - $0.99

3x Multiplier

Big Blind:

$1 - $4.99

10x Multiplier

Big Blind:

$5 - $49.99

20x Multiplier

Big Blind:

$50 and above

Point Limitations:
  • Minimum 125 points per week required
  • Cap of 800 points per week
Example Points Calculation:
  • Tournament Points: 5 points
  • Cash Game points: 800 points
  • Total points/chipstack: 5 x 800 = 4,000 Points / Chipstack

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