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Another 207 Entries In The APT Incheon Main Event

Jordan C

Aug 30, 2023

Artem Sofronov

After the storming success of Day 1a, we’ve seen another 207 entries in the APT Incheon Main Event, growing the prize pool to KRW 890,000,000 with two days of entries left, making it extremely likely that we’ll smash the guarantee on another event at this APT stop. 96 players battled their way through to Day 2 of the Main Event, so let’s take a look at the biggest stories of the day.

Day 1b Action

Just like Day 1a, it took a while for the field to grow on Day 1b, although some big names were eager to play the tournament from the beginning. Haruna Fujita of Japan was one of the biggest names to enter from the beginning, as she looked to build on her 3rd place finish at the Limit R.O.S.E. event earlier in the week.

We also saw Team Thailand - a group of players who will be competing in the N8TH x APT Incheon 2023 Final Table on Wednesday at 19:00 local time all enter on Day 1b. Of the six players who entered, only one of them managed to bag a stack for Day 2, with Kammatep Kanchanapamornpat taking forward 26,700. Taraton Musikarat, Boonyarit Sakamanee, Nathamet Keeratithanyawit, Panuwat Huayhongton, and Pongrut Lemongkol will all have to re-enter if they want their shot at the APT Incheon Main Event title.

While Team Thailand might have had a bad day at the office, it was a good day in general for players who qualified through Natural8. These players have an extra incentive to do well, as any player who qualifies through Natural8 and goes on to win the main event will pocket an extra $50,000 - not bad at all!

So far, seven Natural8 qualifiers made it through to Day 2, with Hon Cheong Lee leading the way with 152,700. Chi Hung Lam from Hong Kong was the only other player to bring forward a six-figure stack, as they bagged 110,900. 

Taiwan’s Yen Fu Pan and Thailand’s Suparerk Totsaponvisad weren’t far behind with 88,100 and 84,300 chips respectively. Hong Kong’s Lam Wai Kin will be happy to take forward 75,000, as will Bo Xing Lee who bagged 65,400. Thailand’s Sakan Dhangwatnotai will have a lot of work to do on Day 2, as they only managed to bag 45,900 at the end of Day 1b.

While we didn’t see as many eliminations as Day 1a, we saw plenty of action on Day 1b, with a number of sick hands taking place throughout the day. Arguably the sickest hand happened early in the day, when Japan’s Takeya Okada won a six-figure pot after flopping the nut straight against the second nut straight and bottom set on a KQT board. Okada’s AJ managed to hold as he bagged 117,300 going into Day 2.

We also saw a moment of controversy towards the end of the day, as Japan’s Yuta Mutsuura checked out of turn in a 4bet pot against Huidong Gu. Thinking that the check would stand, Gu checked over to Mutsuura who put out a 10,000 bet on an AJT flop. 

Gu called for the floor, who ruled in his favour, meaning that the check stood and the players saw the turn. After a bet from Mutsuura on the turn and a fold from Gu, Mutsuura showed AQ for what was likely the best hand but received a one-hand penalty from the floor. Mutsuura ended up taking through 161,400 at the end of the day.

A number of notable names made it through Day 1b, including two-time APT Main Event winner Lester Edoc who bagged 128,000 chips, Korea’s Gary Moon who bagged 118,700, and Main Event final tablist Joseph Cheon who bagged 68,900.

However, all of those trail our chip leader at the end of Day 1b, Russia’s Artem Sofronov who bagged 202,400. He finished the day just ahead of Uzbekistan’s Veleriy Pak who took through 202,100. Kazuki Obata from Japan rounds out the top three, bringing forward 199,600 chips.

With just two Day 1s left to go, we can’t wait to see how this year’s Main Event ramps up, so make sure to follow along here at Natural8.

Image Source: The Asian Poker Tour  

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