How Poker Can Teach Us About Business

Shane C

Apr 15, 2024

How Poker Can Teach Us About Business

Have you ever considered the uncanny resemblance between playing poker and running a business? For instance, Phil Hellmuth, who is known as the "Poker Brat," successfully founded a clothing line called "Poker Brat". 

Business-Poker Playbook

Let's take a look at some of the lessons that you can apply in both poker and business.

Strategic Maneuvers

Picture yourself seated at a poker table, carefully eyeing your chips and knowing that each move shapes your path to success. Similarly, in the business realm, astute money management is paramount. Making decisions about when to spend and when to save can make all the difference.

Carving Your Niche

In poker, players scout for tables where they hold the upper hand. Likewise, by uncovering what sets your business apart, you can attract a loyal following and strengthen your position in the market. It's about discovering your winning formula! 

Navigating Risks

Whether at the poker table or in the boardroom, risks lurk around every corner. Thus, exercising caution is key. Savvy players and entrepreneurs often anticipate potential pitfalls and devise contingency plans.

Strategic Decision-Making

Success in poker and business poker hinges on making shrewd moves. Players and entrepreneurs alike deliberate each step with precision. Drawing insights from past experiences and keeping a pulse on the ever-evolving landscape empower them to make informed choices that steer them towards success.

Emotional Control

In the fast-paced worlds of poker and business, obstacles are everywhere. However, just like how emotional control is important in poker when deciding one’s next move, the same goes for business. Thinking rationally is paramount and is what separates the winners from the rest.

Reading People

Just as skilled poker players read their opponents, in business, the ability to read people, listen attentively, and observe and interpret closely enable entrepreneurs to forge meaningful connections and make well-informed decisions that propel their businesses forward. 

Financial Management

Financial Management

Just as managing your chips is pivotal in poker, prudent financial management is non-negotiable in business. Adhering to budgets and exercising restraint in spending ensure that your business remains financially robust.

Envisioning the Future

Success in poker and business poker demands foresight and planning. Players and entrepreneurs set their sights on long-term objectives and chart a course towards them. By staying committed to their goals, they inch closer to victory in the intricate game of business.

Calculating the Odds

In both poker and business, calculating probabilities and managing expectations are essential. Successful players and entrepreneurs alike rely on data and experience to make informed decisions and maximize their chances of success.

Learning to Play

Just as aspiring poker players must learn the rules and strategies of the game, budding entrepreneurs must acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of the business world. Continuous learning and adaptation are key to staying ahead in both arenas.

Growth Rate

In poker, players aim to steadily increase their chip stack over time. Similarly, businesses strive for sustainable growth to expand their market share and profitability. By setting realistic growth targets and implementing effective strategies, both players and entrepreneurs can achieve long-term success.


Poker isn't merely a game—it's a wellspring of wisdom for those looking to start a business. Whether you're seated at the poker table or steering your business ship, remember the lessons learned. It's not just about luck—it's about strategic prowess that paves the path to triumph!

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