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Complete Guide to All-in or Fold

Dominic Field

Apr 19, 2023

Shoving Poker Chips Forward

All-in or Fold, often simply called AoF, is a fast-paced, action-packed poker format that’s one of the most popular at Natural8. As the name suggests, you only have two moves open to you when playing AoF: move all-in or fold!

In this guide, we’ll be running through the basic rules of All-in or Fold, as well as offering some strategy tips and tricks. We’ll also discuss the different promotions and side bets available.

What is All-in or Fold?

All-in or Fold is the name of an innovative poker format on the GGPoker network. It removes a lot of the intricacies of a regular game, greatly increasing the tempo. Not only does this create a more exciting atmosphere, but it also offers an accessible entry point to new players just learning the game.

It’s possible to play All-in or Fold cash games, as well as Sit & Go tournaments, in both Omaha and Texas Hold’em. Whichever type of game you prefer, your only options are to muck or put all of your chips in the pot.

The Concept of All-In Poker

If you were to hear the expression “All-in or Fold”, you’d probably assume that someone is short-stacked in a tournament. When you have so few chips available, playing all-in poker is often the only viable strategy. 

In a weird way, tournaments can be more enjoyable when you’re in “shove or fold” mode. Even though you’re on the brink of defeat, there is less pressure, since the complex decisions are removed from the equation. This relaxed feeling no doubt inspired the creation of this new all-in poker format.

Rules of All-in or Fold Poker

All-in or Fold Rules and GameplayOkay, it’s time to jump in and learn all about the All-in or Fold rules. First things first, you can play either Hold’em or Omaha AoF games. The basic rules of both, such as the number of cards dealt or the poker hand rankings, remain unchanged. It’s only the betting which is affected. 

Every turn, regardless of your chosen format, all players have the same two options open to them:

  • Fold. Throw your cards to the muck and take no further part in the hand, forfeiting any blinds. However, you can still play the AoF side bets which we’ll discuss later.

  • All-in. There’s no need to stress about bet sizing in AoF. If you like your hand and wish to play, just push all-in!

AoF Sit & Go

Single table All-in or Fold poker tournaments run regularly throughout the day, for both Omaha and Hold’em. There are three buy-in levels: $0.50, $2.50, and $10. Each Sit & Go requires 16 players to start and adopts a shootout format with four tables of four. The winner of each progresses to a final table and is guaranteed a prize greater than their original buy-in.

A portion of each entry fee is taken as rake, with the rest entering the prize pool. The exact payouts naturally depend upon your chosen buy-in. But the table below explains all you need to know about the All-in or Fold S&G structure. 

AoF Buy-In $0.50 $2.50 $10
Rake (%) $0.05 (10%) $0.175 (7%) $0.70 (7%)
Total Pool $7.20 $37.20 $148.80
1st $3 $15 $60
2nd $2 $11 $44
3rd $1.50 $7.50 $30
4th $0.70 $3.70 $14.80

Players start with 2,400 in chips, but everyone has three bullets they can fire. If you go broke or dip below 2BBs, you’ll automatically reload with another set of 2,400 chips. Alternatively, you can click on your stack to add chips whenever you like. So it’s possible to play with all three stacks in play at once.

There are 13 blind levels in total, starting from 50 / 100, eventually increasing to 5,000 / 10,000 if required. Blinds jump every 60 seconds, ensuring a rapid-fire contest. 

Cash Games

All in or Fold Hold’em TableIt’s also possible to play All-in or Fold cash games at a wide variety of stakes. All Natural8 tables seat four players and blinds start from as little as $0.05 / $0.10, with a $1 initial buy-in. The richest big blinds in Hold’em are capped at $100, with a $1,000 buy-in. But Omaha games stretch to $100 / $200 and a $1,000 buy-in.

If you dip below the buy-in amount, you’ll automatically top up for the next hand. However, if you win a pot, chips over the buy-in amount remain in your stack. You have the option to automatically remove them if you wish, which can be configured in your settings.

Side Pots

If you’re going to try All-in or Fold poker, it’s crucial that you understand side pots. Regular players can probably skip this part, but since AoF exclusively involves all-in plays, you’ll witness a lot of side pots. So, let’s explain how they work right away.

In any poker game, there’s a good chance we’ll see a side pot whenever a player is all-in. Imagine you have $10 in chips and two opponents have $20 each. If you shove, the other two can call and keep playing for their remaining cash. You might not have any chips left, but they may continue to bet and raise until they are also all-in.

If all three players were to end up all-in, there would be two different pots. Whoever makes the best hand will win the main pot, which is contested by everyone. But there is a further $20 to be won in a separate contest between the two larger stacks. Whichever player has the best hand wins the side pot.

All-in or Fold Features

The spirit of All-in or Fold is one of quick-fire action and excitement. And in keeping with that theme, there are a couple of interesting side bets to further spice things up. You’ll find these in the bottom-left corner of the Natural8 poker client. Simply click on the icon to open the desired betting interface.

Next Hand Roulette

This All-in or Fold side bet is inspired by the classic casino game of roulette. But instead of betting on a wheel of numbers, you’re trying to guess what cards your next hand will contain. Next Hand Roulette offers nine different betting opportunities in all.

The minimum stake is equal to the table’s big blind, while the maximum is 100BBs. You can place bets on as many or as few of the grid areas as you like, and payouts are as follows:

Wager Description Reward
Suit Will your hand contain at least one of the specified suit? 1.95x
Two Number Cover two specific numbers (of any suit) at once. 3.15x
2 Red / 2 Black Both cards must be the specified colour. 3.95x
Suited Will the two-hole cards be suited? 4.10x
Corner Bet on four named cards at the same time. 6.25x
Single Number Cover a specific number regardless of suit. 6.25x
Split This bet covers two named cards in one bet. 12.50x
Pair Will you be dealt a pocket pair? 16.50x
Straight Up Betting on a specific card, such as the King of Clubs. 25x

Bet On Flop

The second All-in or Fold side bet is called Bet On Flop. Prior to the start of each round, you may attempt to guess the texture of the next flop you see. If the hand doesn’t make it to the flop, the bet remains in place until you see one.

Similar to Next Hand Roulette, the wager limits range from 1BB to 100BBs. There are seven types of bet, with rewards of up to 170x your stake:

Wager Reward
Any 2x Black Cards 2.4x
Any 2x Red Cards 2.4x
All 3x Red or Black 4x
Pair 5x
Flush 17x
Straight 25x
Triple or Straight Flush 170x

All-in or Fold Strategy and Advice

All in or Fold Strategy and AdviceNow that you understand the rules of this enthralling game, it’s time to think about playing strategies. Although AoF seems chaotic at first, there are actually a few things you can do to improve your chances of winning. 

Here are our top All-in or Fold tips:

  • Position still matters. With just four to a table and no option other than all-in or fold, it’s tempting to dismiss position. But you should still tighten up when under the gun. You’ll often find multiple callers behind you and this is a great way to lose chips.

  • Be aggressive from the small blind. If the first two seats fold to you when in the small blind, play often. It’s unlikely that the big blind will have a great hand, allowing you to steal. And a lot of the time, you’ll be no worse than 65-35 in a race if called.

  • It’s okay to be passive early in S&Gs. Many All-in or Fold players take a kamikaze approach early on in Sit & Gos. But it’s preferable to be tight in the opening blind levels. Frequent folds will earn you respect later, so you can steal blinds more easily.

  • Forget advanced poker strategy. AoF is all about having fun. There’s no place here for talk of stack to pot ratio or fold equity. Beyond basic hand selection, poker position and blind levels, there’s not much to consider. Don’t overthink and enjoy the game.

AOF Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re trying out All-in or Fold for the first time, be sure to avoid these common traps:

  • Failure to adapt to the unique format. This is the most common mistake made by new All-in or Fold players. Understand the shootout format in S&Gs, as well as how your buy-ins are topped up in cash games. Know that normal strategies don’t apply.

  • Don’t play too many tables. AoF cash games move a lot quicker than regular ones. If you try to play lots of games at once, you’ll feel the pressure and might make mistakes. If you must multi-table, stick to a maximum of two games.

  • Tilt. This is not unique to All-in or Fold, but the game’s nature makes it easy to tilt. You’ll find yourself all-in as a slight favourite a lot of the time. That means plenty of outdraws. Plus, the fast pace means you play more hands, seeing more bad beats.

AoF Promotions

There are always generous deals at Natural8, including signup incentives, cashback, and bad beat bonuses. But All-in or Fold has a couple of promotions that are unique to this particular format. Let’s have a look at what they are and how they work.

H3: AoF Jackpot

All-in or fold jackpotNot to be confused with the Bad Beat Jackpot, the All-in or Fold Jackpot presents sizable rewards for making a straight flush. All tables at a given blind level contribute to their own designated pot. Half of any rake taken is added to the associated pool.

Claiming the jackpot is simple. You just need to form the best possible straight flush. So on a board of Q 6 7 8 A, it isn’t enough to hold 9 5. The jackpot would only be awarded to a player with T 9 specifically.

Since it’s a little easier to find big hands when playing Omaha, you can only win those AoF Jackpots with a royal flush.

All-In Fortune Jackpot

Another bonus prize pool that’s available at the All-in or Fold tables is the Fortune Jackpot. You’ll notice a little gold pot towards the left of the table when playing. Every time someone pushes all-in, the pot shakes, taking one step closer to breaking.

At some point, these fortune pots will smash open and when they do, a prize is randomly issued. The potential values on offer depend upon the stakes you’re playing at, but the largest is a very respectable $20,000!

If a pot opens, the only player to win any money is the one responsible for breaking it. So unlike a bad beat jackpot, the funds are not shared around the table.


Natural8 runs leaderboards for all games, and All-in or Fold is no exception. For every hand you play that makes it to the showdown stage, you’ll score a reward point towards the leaderboard. At least three players must be seated at the start of the hand to qualify. If a player folds, they will not score a point, even if the hand reaches a showdown. 

At the end of the promo period, the best-performing players win prizes. The exact rewards depend on the specific promotion and the blind levels played. But in February 2023, for example, Natural8 gave away a massive $40,000 in All-in or Fold Leaderboard prizes every single day!

All-in or Fold: Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to try something different, All-in or Fold could be the game for you. It’s a good way to blow off steam since the complicated decision-making elements are taken out of the game. And since more serious players don’t tend to join, the overall atmosphere is more relaxed.

Action junkies will enjoy the game’s speedy nature, which ensures you play a lot of hands per hour. Not to mention the additional side bets, which are easy to play and potentially rewarding.

Ready to see for yourself what all the fuss is about with All-in or Fold? Then it’s time to head over to Natural8 and take your seat.

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