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Unveiling Natural8's Killer Whale Promotion!

Shane C

Jan 16, 2024

100 days, 50% cashback, become a killer whale for free

Are you ready to ride the tidal wave of extraordinary rewards? Natural8 is making waves in the poker world with its latest limited-time promotion - the Killer Whale! This ocean of opportunities is available from 15th January to 15th February 2024, promising an unprecedented level of excitement for poker enthusiasts.

Exploring the Depths of Fish Buffet

Natural8 - Fish BuffetAt the heart of Natural8's gaming experience lies the exclusive Fish Buffet rewards program. The more you immerse yourself in the thrill of the games, the more Fish Points (FP) you accumulate. As your Fish Points rise, so does your rank, leading to an increase in the cashback you receive.

Killer Whale Status: Free 50% Cashback for 100 Days!

Promo: Killer Whale

Get ready to make a splash by opting in to the limited-time special Killer Whale status! From 15th January [08:00 (UTC) / 16:00 (HKT)] until 15th February 2024 [07:59 (UTC) / 15:59 (HKT)], enjoy a fantastic 50% cashback for a blissful 100 days just by indulging in your favorite games on Natural8.

How to Be A Killer Whale

  1. Login to your Natural8 account

  2. Click on the Fish Buffet icon

  3. Click the “Upgrade to Killer Whale” button before 15th February 2024

Engage in your favorite games and collect those coveted Fish Points. If you hit 400,000 FPs within 100 days of being a Killer Whale, you will be promoted to the prestigious Platinum Whale status and will be able to enjoy the 50% cashback for another 365 days!

Ordinarily, the journey from Plankton to Platinum Whale demands 1,300,000 Fish Points. However, with the Killer Whale promotion, you can ride the wave straight to the top with just 400,000 points.

Lock in 35% Cashback for Another 365 Days

Even if you miss the mark and fall short of the 400,000 Fish Points, fear not! As long as you opt-in to be a Killer Whale, you'll still be rewarded with the coveted Platinum Octopus status, guaranteeing a minimum of 35% cashback for another 365 days.

Don't let this exclusive opportunity slip away! Dive into the Killer Whale promotion at Natural8, opt-in now, and enjoy the free 50% cashback along with a leap in status.