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Martin Kabrhel Controversy Update - Attorney Sends Notice Of Legal Claims Over Twitter

Jordan C

Jun 21, 2023

Martin Kabrhel Controversy Update

In the latest update to the Martin Kabrhel story, it seems as though the threats of legal action in Martin’s Twitter response weren’t idle, as a law firm claiming to represent Martin has reached out to some of his biggest denouncers over Twitter to inform them that legal action will be taken against them.

Who is Affected? 

The tweet, which you can see below, is addressed to @JustinBonomo, @ChancesCards, @PokerGO, @Andrew_Robl, and @DanSmithHolla. While it’s easy to see why Bonomo, Kornuth, Robl, and Smith were named, it’s unclear why PokerGo’s name has been dragged into proceedings. While they did post several of the controversial clips involving Kabrhel, they did not come down on one side or the other or offer any opinion of what was happening.

The tweet posted by Daniel B. Ravicher, an attorney at Zeisler PLLC, indicates that his firm will be taking on Martin’s defamation case and that the named parties should not delete any form of media in their possession that could have relevance to the case. 

Daniel ends his letter with a staunch defence of Kabrhel, saying “To be absolutely clear, Mr. Kabrhel is not a cheater. He does not mark cards. You have said these false things with malicious intent. We will prove this in court and ask that you be ordered to compensate him for any and all injury caused by your statements.”

H2: Starting The Defence

We’re sure that some of you must be wondering if this is real; after all, it seems a little strange that a legitimate law firm would post a notice of intent to the defendants over Twitter. However, from what we can find, this notice of intent seems to be legitimate. Whatever your vision of the future was, we strongly doubt that it involved using social media being used to announce legal proceedings!

Given the very public posting of this notice of intent, plus the impassioned defence of Martin at the end of the letter, one has to wonder whether part of the reasoning behind it was to start a public defence of Martin before the proceedings have even begun. Anyone on Poker Twitter over the past couple of days will have no doubt seen the many tweets and comments piling on Martin; with many people all too ready to believe the accusations.

As of June 19th, the WSOP has launched an investigation into the allegations of cheating during the $250,000 Super High Roller, and you’d have to imagine that the result of this investigation will play a huge part in the outcome of this case - one way or another.

Do you think Martin will continue to play in WSOP events while this investigation is ongoing? What do you think the investigation will show? Stay tuned for all the latest WSOP news and events.

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