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Top Poker Gift Ideas

Adrian Attenborough

Jan 16, 2023

Top Poker Gifts for Poker Players

With Christmas almost upon us, now’s the time to start thinking about the poker player in your life. Maybe the man in your life is all about Texas Hold’em. Perhaps the lady in your life is one of the greatest poker players that you’ve ever seen. Either way, I understand that you’ll be on the hunt for a great gift that keeps you firmly in the good books.

If you’re not sure where to turn when it comes to the poker player who has it all, then you’re in luck! I’m here to help. It’s not a joke when I say I have been asked this question countless times. So here are some great gift ideas that will take poker nights to a whole new level. 

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find something by the end of this article. 

1) Personalised casino chip

 Personalised Poker Chips Gift
If you’re looking for a unique gift for the player in your life, then this personalised casino chip could well be the answer. As a standard-sized casino chip, you’re given the option to add a name as well as a personal message. Presented in an attractive gift box, it’s hard to believe that there could be any poker player who wouldn’t love this great gift. If the poker player in your life wants to put this on display, you can also use this as a fridge magnet meaning that it can make a great talking point for any guests that you may have around.

2) Unisex Poker Socks

Personalised Poker Socks

These would make a great gift the next time your significant other sit down for their poker game. These personalised poker socks are perfect for both men and women who would appreciate a great poker gift. Inject a personal touch by adding a chosen name and you can even possibly add your own personal message into the mix. It’s certain that these would be gratefully received by anyone who wants to play poker and feel a little lucky. 

3) Card Shuffler 

Card ShufflerHead into the majority of poker rooms and there’s a good chance that you’ll come across a card shuffler. When you play poker, a card shuffler makes life a whole lot easier and that’s why they make the perfect gift for any poker fan. There is one fact out here though. It’s worth considering the deck of cards that is being used. If the player in your life has an artisan playing cards luxury set, they may not want to put this deck of cards into a card shuffler. 

4) Jack Daniels Gift Set

 Jack Daniel’s Poker Gift SetIf the poker player in your life also loves a tipple of JD, then this could well make the perfect gift. This Jack Daniels gift set comes with 330ml of JD, an attractive glass tumbler, and a deck of cards and chips. When you head to poker tables anywhere, you can be sure to find a glass of JD somewhere nearby. This gift allows anyone to recreate that casino feeling all from the comfort of home. This is sure to make poker nights much more entertaining. The downside? You can be sure that there will be a need for more JD!

5) Artisan Playing Cards Luxury Set

Artisan Playing CardsThere are some who like to dabble with a game of poker occasionally. Then there are those who take it that bit more seriously and seek out the very best of everything poker related. If the latter sounds like the player in your life, then this artisan playing cards luxury set is the perfect gift.  This set comes with four decks of artisan playing cards (two white and two black) which are laser-etched. They are presented in a stunning carved wooden box that really makes this set feel classy and luxurious. 

6) Pair of Poker Pendants 

A pair of poker pendantsIf you’re looking for a unique poker gift, and one that you can share with the player in your life, then these poker pendants are well worth a look. Featuring stainless steel playing cards, you can choose from either a red or black ace. These make a great gift for a loved one or a special friend who you want to feel close to. You can both wear your pendants and show your love of the greatest card game on earth. While there may be some who are fans of game shows, such as Card Sharks, let’s face it, we all know that nothing comes close to poker.

7) Poker Chip Sets

Poker Chips setAs gift ideas go, a set of poker chips is a great choice. The problem is that there are just so many poker chip sets to choose from. If you need any help in finding one that will be more than just a little well-received, I recommend taking a look here. This set comes with not just one deck of cards but two. It comes with top-quality chips and looks stunning in the black felt-lined aluminium case. I can guarantee you that all poker players would be more than happy to receive this as a gift.

8) Playing Card Bottle Opener

Poker Bottle OpenerAs Christmas approaches, we’re often told that ’Tis the season to be jolly. While a poker game can help with the cheer, perhaps a beer or two can be the icing on the cake. If the player in life enjoys a drink as they play then this set of poker bottle openers will make a great gift. Made from stainless steel, these playing cards feature the ace of spades and are real stand-out pieces. Poker table tops everywhere will only look better with these being part of the game. 

9) Poker Mug

Poker MugIf the poker player in your love enjoys a few mugs of tea or coffee then this poker mug will make the perfect gift. Featuring the words “I look like I'm listening but I’m probably thinking about poker”, we’re sure that this is something that all poker widows and widowers can relate to. As gift ideas go, I think that this novelty mug is up there with some of the best and there’s no doubt that it’d be appreciated. 

10) Fun Poker Tie

Poker TieOkay, I accept that only a select few may have the confidence to go ahead and wear it, but I think that this poker tie is great fun and would make a great, and unique, gift. Featuring a design full of playing cards, this is a full-sized tie that is certainly on the bold side. Would the player in your life commit to wearing it to poker nights? Well, there’s only one way that you’re ever going to find out! It could be that this tie provides the perfect distraction and throws other players off their game of Texas Hold 'em.

11) Poker Chip Golf Ball Marker

 Poker Chip Golf Ball MarkersWhile a poker game can provide the perfect night, poker players are known to have a host of other hobbies and interests. Maybe the player in life is like many others and is a fan of golf. If so, why not look for a way to combine the two loves? These poker chip golf ball markers provide the ideal way to do just that. Coming as a set of two, this unique gift is an amazing way of showing any poker player just how much you care. 

12) Edible Poker Chip Sets

Edible Poker Chip SetIf you know a fan of poker who also has a sweet tooth then, trust us, this will make the perfect gift. This edible poker chip set comes with milk chocolate poker chips wrapped in foil, but that’s not where it ends. As well as milk chocolate bank notes, there is also a great selection of chewy and fizzy sweets. These resemble the retro sweets of old and you can be sure that they will be well received (if not, then feel free to send them our way!)

13) Travel Poker Set

Travel Poker SetIf you’ve ever been away with a poker fan, you’ve probably noticed that they seem a little distracted. That’s because they’re missing their favourite game. With no internet or phone signal, even the online version is a no-go. The solution? This travel poker set. Featuring a deck of cards and 108 chips, this set comes in a neat little tin which is perfect for packing and taking with you wherever you go. Whether you’re in a luxury hotel room or getting in touch with nature and camping, this is a set that means that there’s never any need to miss out on playing.

14) Green Felt Tablecloth

Green Felt Poker TableclothIf the player in your life is looking to bring the feel of the casino home, then this tablecloth will certainly go down well. This resembles the table tops that are familiar in casinos and also means that your cards and chips won’t keep sliding off. Want to go one better? Why not opt for a table topper that’s laid out just as you need it to be to enjoy Texas Hold’em? In truth, there are so many options that you can explore here and all of them add something special to poker rooms that people are trying to create at home.

15) Poker Face T-Shirt

Poker Face T-Shirt
Coming in a range of colours, this poker t-shirt is a great gift that’s also a whole lot of fun. Featuring an emotionless expression on a face, the t-shirt reads ‘Poker face ready’. If you’re looking for something a little warmer, the same design can be found on jumpers and hoodies too. This is the perfect gift for any poker player who can appreciate the lighter side of the game and who’s more than happy to sit back and have a laugh.