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Ole Schemion Wins $50K 8-Handed Triton London Event

Jordan C

Aug 3, 2023

Ole Schemion

Only five events into his first Triton series, German poker pro Ole Schemion has won his first Triton title, winning the $50,000 8-Handed No Limit Hold’em Event for $1.35 million. He had to beat out a tough final table to do so, including Natural8’s own Danny Tang, as well as Nacho Barbero and Orpen Kisacikoglu, but a combination of good timing and a well-executed game plan gave Schemion the win.

Final Table Action

Team Hot’s Danny Tang came into the final table as the shortest stack with only 10bb and was unfortunate to run his JJ into the QQ of Ole Schemion to bust out in 9th place for $134,000. Within a few hands, David Yan was following Tang out the door, as his AK ran into the AA of Schemion and couldn’t improve.

After those quick eliminations, things started to slow down a little. It took a series of small losses to cut down Jose Nacho Barbero’s stack, and when he finally got it in with JTo, he found himself up against the KJo of Jamil Wakil and couldn’t improve, earning $235,000 for his 7th-place finish.

One of Europe’s brightest online stars Leon Sturm was the next to hit the rail. After winning a WSOP bracelet this year, he looks to be putting up a strong showing at the Triton events. Unfortunately for Leon, his AQo came up against the AA of Roberto Perez, and he was eliminated in 6th place.

Another first-time player of the Triton series, Jamil Wakil, found himself in an ugly spot when he took his Q9s against the AQo of Ole Schemion for 11bb. The ace-high flop all but sealed his fate, and the 4d confirmed that Jamil would be eliminated in 5th place.

This victory gave Ole nearly 50% of the chips in play, and he looked to assert his dominance on the rest of the table. Only two hands later, Schemion shoved 22 from the button, and Orpen called with AK and his short stack in the big blind. However, everything was going Schemion’s way, and a board of J4TT7 meant that Orpen would exit in 4th place for $497,000.

With only three players remaining, Ole had a dominating chip stack and kept picking up hands at the right time. Roberto Perez shoved his remaining chips with KQo against a Schemion open, but Ole had AKo and snapped off the shove - neither player improving meant that Perez would be out in 3rd.

It seemed as if it would be a foregone conclusion that Schemion would close out the heads-up match, but Phu managed to score a double up early on when he hit a miracle deuce with J2 against the KJ of Schemion. However, karma would come back to bite Phu, as he got it in with AK against Schemion’s A9, only for Schemion to hit a nine on the turn to eliminate Phu in 2nd place.

Triton London $50K 8-Handed No Limit Hold’em Final Table Results

Place Name Country Prize (USD)
1 Ole Schemion Germany $1,350,000
2 Dao Minh Phu Vietnam $915,000
3 Roberto Perez Spain $604,000
4 Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey $497,000
5 Jamil Wakil Canada $400,000
6 Leon Sturm Germany $313,000
7 Jose Nacho Barbero Argentina $235,000
8 David Yan New Zealand $173,000
9 Danny Tang Hong Kong $134,000

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