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Wai Kin Wong Wins APT Incheon Event #46

Jordan C

Aug 31, 2023

Exactly one month after finishing 4th in the APT Summer Series Da Nang Omaholic by Natural8 event, Hong Kong’s Wai Kin Wong has found redemption by winning the exact same event here at APT Incheon. It’s clear that Wong has an affinity for the unique Omaholic format, putting up two incredible results in back-to-back events.

Unique Structure

Almost all Omaha-High tournaments or cash games you’ll find are pot limit, as the equities run closer than they do in Hold’em. This prevents players from easily getting it all-in preflop and makes for a better game. However, in this particular Omaholic event, a slight change has been made to the format, making it even more interesting.

While they keep the preflop action pot limit, once the players reach the flop, the game turns into No-Limit Omaha, and players are free to bet as much as they like. This added postflop dimension makes the game very different to a regular Omaha tournament, as once you reach the flop, your whole stack is potentially at risk.

This dynamic is something that our eventual champion Hong Wai Kin seems to have mastered, and we can’t wait to see how he’ll do in the next iteration of this tournament.

Final Table

There were a total of 33 entries to this event, creating a prize pool of KRW 14,850,000 to play for, which was split amongst the top five finishers. Despite the KRW 500,000 buy-in, the final table was relatively bereft of big-name players.

Aside from our champion, arguably the biggest name at the table was Taiwan’s Li Ta Hsu. Hsu is a three-time APPT winner with over $600,000 in tournament winnings at the time of writing but was unable to claim his first APT title in this event, after finishing 4th for KRW 1,690,000.

He finished just ahead of the other big name at the table, Kristof Segers. Kristoff has one APT title to his name after winning the No Limit Hold’em High Rollers event in APT Taiwan back in 2022 and has won a number of WPT Prime events during his poker career. However, he couldn’t get anything going on the final table and ended up finishing 5th for KRW 1,370,000.

Both the second and third-place finishers are relatively unknown on the tournament scene, with second-place Yongqiang Song from China recording only their second-ever cash after finishing second for KRW 3,670,000. They finished just ahead of Japan’s Ori Kossonogi in 3rd, who took home KRW 2,340,000 for their run.

APT Incheon Event #46 Omaholic - Sponsored by Natural8 Final Table Results

Place Name Country Prize (KRW) Prize (USD)
1 Wai Kin Wong Hong Kong 5,334,500 ~$4,054.22
2 Yongqiang Song China 3,670,000 ~$2,789.20
3 Ori Kossonogi Japan 2,340,000 ~$1,778.40
4 Li Ta Hsu Taiwan 1,690,000 ~$1,284.40
5 Kristof Segers Belgium 1,370,000 ~$1,041.20

Will Wai Kin Wong complete his hat trick and take down the next Omaholic event sponsored by Natural8? Can any of these players make a deep run in the Main Event? Let us know on social media and stay tuned for all the latest poker news and events.

Image Source: The Asian Poker Tour