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Biggest Hands - 2023 Main Event Day 6

Jordan C

Jul 13, 2023

Joshua Payne

As the curtain closes on Day 6 of the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event with only 49 players remaining, we take a look back at some of the biggest eliminations of the day. Joshua Payne from the United States is currently leading the way with 47,950,000 chips, over 7 million chips ahead of second-place man Juan Maceiras Lapido from Spain

However, not everyone was so lucky, and many big names hit the rail on Day 6 of the 2023 WSOP Main Event.

Rigby Rivered By D’Aquilio

One of the biggest names and biggest stacks coming into Day 6 was Nicholas Rigby, who gained notoriety in the 2022 Main Event for his willingness to play almost any two cards, and coining the nickname “The Dirty Diaper” for 32o. As you could expect from a player who’s willing to play 32o, he had an up-and-down day and was soon left with only 20bb.

He managed to find pocket jacks in the early position and open-shoved for just shy of 20bb. Diego D’Aquilio woke up with AK a couple of positions to his left and re-shoved over the top. The flop was a good one for Rigby - JT2 reducing Diego’s outs from six to four. The six of spades on the river was a brick, but the Q gave Diego way to eliminate Rigby.

After sitting motionless at the table for a few seconds, Rigby got up and shook the hand of his opponent before leaving the arena.

Set Over Set Eliminates Nate Silver

One hand after winning a pile of chips with AJ vs AT, we imagine Nate Silver couldn’t believe his luck when he flopped a set of sixes in a multi-way pot. However, he had no idea that his opponent to his right had flopped a bigger set, and he would soon be on his way out the door.

The action started with Chan raising 77 to 250K from the HJ. Nate called with 66 in the CO, and Dunst called with 55 in the big blind. The flop came 762 , giving both Chan and Silver a set. The action checked around to Silver, who bet 330K into 930K. Dunst folded, and Chen put in a check-raise to 1.4 million chips.

After some deliberation, Silver ripped his remaining 4.8 million chips into the pot, which Chen snapped off. Nate was visibly anguished when Chen turned his hand over, falling back into his chair with a look of disbelief on his face. He had one out to save his tournament life, but neither the Q or 3 helped him, and Nate Silver was sent to the rail.

Estelle Runs Into Big Blind Monster

The last woman standing in the 2023 WSOP Main Event was Estelle Cohuet before she was eliminated in 68th place. Getting short on chips, Estelle found KT in the big blind with 14.5bb. While we don’t know the full action due to the late arrival of the film crew, we can imagine that Estelle open-shoved such a strong hand in these positions with these chip stacks.

Unfortunately for Estelle, her opponent had a monster hand in the big blind - AQ. Estelle was a 37% favourite to win the hand preflop, and the 998 flop gave her some backdoor straight equity. However, the A came on the turn, sealing her fate, and the K on the river just added a little extra salt in the wounds.

Dunst Can’t Beat Straight Flush

One of the fan-favourites of the tournament, Tony Dunst, was eliminated in spectacular fashion, running into the straight flush of Hulme.

We pick up the action midway through the hand where Tony was all-in against two other players. The flop was QT6, and there was action between the two remaining players in the hand - Hulme and Tosic, so we imagine Tony was all-in preflop. Tosic put out 600K on the flop, which was called by Hulme.

The turn was A, putting two flush draws on the board. Both players checked, and the river was the J, bringing in the front door flush and putting four cards to a straight on board. Tosic checked to Hulme who put out a bet of 1.2 million. Tosic quickly folded, and Huleme turned over 98 for the straight flush. Dunst tabled KQ for the river straight and snapped a quick picture, before heading for the rail.

Start of Day 7 Top 10 Chip Counts

Rank Player Country Big Blind Chip Count
1 Joshua Payne United States 240 47,950,000
2 Juan Maceiras Lapido Spain 203 40,500,000
3 Daniel Weinman United States 122 24,375,000
4 Richard Ryder United States 113 22,650,000
5 Tim Van Loo Austria 109 21,700,000
6 Alec Torelli United States 105 21,075,000
7 Daniel Scroggins United States 104 20,800,000
8 Pierpaola Lamanna Italy 94 18,875,000
9 Nicholas Gerrity United States 90 18,075,000
10 Ryan Tamanini United States 87 17,325,000

Will any of the top ten stacks at the start of Day 7 make it to the final table? Who do you want to see win the Main Event this year? Let us know on social media and stay tuned for all the latest WSOP news and events.

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