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15 Players Remain In WSOP Main Event - Big Names Still In

Jordan C

Jul 14, 2023

Juan Maceiras Lapido

After Day 6 of the WSOP led to many big-name eliminations, three of the biggest names left in the competition are still in at the end of Day 7. Toby Lewis, Daniel Weinman, and Alec Torelli have all bagged chips for Day 8 of the Main Event, although they all trail the nine-figure stack of Juan Maceiras Lapido.

With the final table fast approaching, let’s take a look at the biggest stories of Day 7 of the Main Event.

Jan-Peter Jahctmann Running Deep

PLO fans will surely recognise the face of Jan-Peter Jachtmann, a German player who is best known for his exploits in the world of PLO. Being dealt two fewer cards than normal doesn’t seem to have phased the WSOP bracelet winner, as he has been making moves and picking up hands at the right time to build a sizeable chip stack.

Jan-Peter is currently third in chips with just over 70 million, making him one of the favourites to make the final table. One of the things that’s been commendable about his run so far, and particularly his Day 7 exploits, is that he hasn’t been out here swinging like some of the looser players; he’s just been quietly building his stack without garnering too much attention.

Despite being a PLO expert, Jan-Peter could be a dark horse to go on and win the whole thing.

Juan Maceiras Lapido Is Dominating

Arguably one of the most impressive performances at this year’s Main Event has come from Juan Maceiras Lapido. The Spaniard started the day second in chips with just over 40 million but has more than doubled his stack over the course of Day 7, ending the day at the top of the chip counts with an impressive 108 million chips.

Juan does have experience playing in large field tournaments thanks to his days playing at the EPT. He’s made deep runs in several Main Events and has over $1 million in tournament cashes to his name. While his Hendon Mob may not be as impressive as Jan-Peter Jachtmann or Toby Lewis, he’s shown that he’s not intimidated by the occasion.

Of course, it does help that Juan has been picking up a number of strong hands in key spots, finding QQ against the KQ of Joe Ghio to take his stack and eliminate him in 19th place.

Then finding KK against the 33 of Andrey Pateychuk to send him to the rail.

If Juan can keep finding these big hands and continue playing as well as he has been, you have to imagine that he’s a lock to make the final table.

Weinman And Torelli With Work To Do

Two of the biggest names left in the field, Daniel Weinman and Alec Torelli, have a lot of work to do if they want to realise their dream of making the WSOP Main Event final table. 

It was a topsy-turvy day for both players, both battling it out and incurring some heavy losses before bouncing back to stay alive at the end of Day 7. Daniel Weinman found a double up with JJ against the 88 of Joe Ghio when both players made a set in a three-bet pot. 

After fading the one outer, Dan sat on a stack of 27.9 million, but he would go on to lose a little more before the end of the day. Dan currently sits on 21.75 million chips and is 10th in the standings.

Things are even more desperate for Alec Torelli, who currently only has 14,275,000 chips, putting him 13th out of 15. Alec won a big hand with a straight against the top two pair of Andrew Hulme, all but eliminating his opponent. Despite having over 32 million after the hand, he struggled to hold on to those chips.

Both will be thankful for the end of the day and will no doubt regroup and come back stronger on Day 8.

2023 WSOP Main Event End Of Day 7 Chip Counts

Rank Player Country Chip Count Big Blind
1 Juan Maceiras Lapido Spain 108,000,000 135
2 Adam Walton United States 75,475,000 94
3 Jan-Peter Jachtmann Germany 70,775,000 88
4 Steven Jones United States 67,900,000 85
5 Toby Lewis United Kingdom 50,050,000 63
6 Ruslan Prydryk Ukraine 45,750,000 57
7 Jose Aguilera Mexico 37,600,000 47
8 Joshua Payne United States 31,000,000 39
9 Sachin Joshi United Kingdom 27,775,000 35
10 Daniel Weinman United States 21,750,000 27
11 Dean Hutchison United Kingdom 17,500,000 22
12 Daniel Holzner Italy 14,750,000 18
13 Alec Torelli United States 14,275,000 18
14 Jack O'Neill United Kingdom 11,700,000 15
15 Cong Pham United States 8,700,000 11

Who do you want to see at the final table of the Main Event? Do you think Juan Maceiras Lapido can run through the rest of the field and go on to win? Let us know on social media and stay tuned for all the latest WSOP news and events.

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