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The Best Online Poker Tournaments at Natural8

Buy in, grab your stack, play poker, and outlast the field on the best tournaments platform ever, Natural8!

Each with its own unique ebb and flow, tournaments are thrilling poker games that give you a chance of winning a prize many times greater than your buy-in.

In a poker tournament, players typically begin with the same number of chips. The winner is the one that eventually acquires all the chips in play. Unlike cash games, tournaments are scheduled events that require stamina, perseverance, and a whole different poker strategy.

From freeroll games and satellites to the big Sunday events, we have tournaments of every shape, size, and format for you. There's $120,000,000 in guaranteed prize money to be won each month, with all buy-ins and guarantees doubled on Sundays!

You don't have to go to Las Vegas to win big and play with the best poker players. You can start playing in the comforts of your own home and experience the same thrill as live events. The best part about online poker is that you can play multi table tournaments so that you can maximise your time and winnings.

Below you can find the list of major poker tournaments and all the reasons why it might be worth entering them! We've got you covered with No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha events all day long. Find the best poker tournament for you and enjoy the winnings in Asia's largest online poker room.

Online Poker Tournaments at Natural8

GGMasters ($2.5M Weekly)

The GGMasters tournaments on Natural8 feature $2.5 million in guarantees every week and buy-ins starting at $25 across seven signature events!

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MILLION$ ($3.5M Weekly)

The MILLION$ tournaments feature $3.5 million in guarantees every week. Multiple flights, time zones and buy-ins. Be part of the MILLION$ show!

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High Rollers

Natural8's High Rollers tournaments run daily with more than $12 million guaranteed every single week. Join Natural8, Asia’s largest online poker room and play now to start winning big!

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Chinese Zodiac (Asian-friendly Timing)

Chinese Zodiac is a special CNY tournament series that runs daily, awarding players with prizes and special avatars.Check the schedule below, mark your calendars and collect all 12 special avatars!

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Daily Guarantees

Natural8's Daily Guarantees boast over $8 million to be won every week. Guarantees increase on Sundays and may even double up! Sign up now to play.

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Bounty Hunters

Knock out your opponents in the Bounty Hunters PKO tournaments to win bounty in the form of instant cash prizes! The more players you eliminate, the more you'll win!

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Mystery Bounty

Win massive cash prizes for each player you knock out in the Final Phase of the Mystery Bounty tournaments. Bounties of up to $100,000 await!

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Hourly Freerolls

Natural8’s new and improved Hourly Freerolls are back! Runs every single hour Mondays to Saturdays. Perfect if you’re building your bankroll from scratch!

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T$ Builder (Rake-free)

Build your bankroll with our T$ Builder poker tournament series. No charges, deductions and zero rake! Play now on Natural8, Asia’s biggest online poker room.

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Omaholic (PLO-NL)

Omaholic tournaments run multiple times every day with juicy guarantees for the Omaha poker fans out there. Now in PLO-NL Format!

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Important Information About Poker Tournaments

Guaranteed Tournaments

Guaranteed tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool (ex. $2000 guaranteed). The guaranteed amount will be distributed as promised even if the total collected buy-in amount falls short of the guaranteed amount.

Please note that our regular tournaments contribute the collected buy-in amount to the prize pool. However, if there are more buy-ins than the guaranteed prize pool, the total money pool increases accordingly. If applicable, the guaranteed prize amount for each tournament is indicated in the tournament lobby.


At the start of the tournament, the players will receive an equal amount of tournament chips. It is impossible to add on more chips while the tournament is in play. If a player loses all of one's chips, then the player is eliminated from the tournament.

Progressive Bounty

In a Progressive Knockout (PKO) Bounty tournament, each player has a bounty on his or her head. When a player is knocked out of a tournament, half of the corresponding player’s bounty is added on to the bounty of the player who knocks him or her out. The other half of the knocked-out player’s bounty is awarded to the player who knocked them out as an instant cash prize.

Mystery Bounty

In Mystery Bounty events, bounties are only paid in the final phase AND they are random. Not all bounties are the same value and there could be up to $100,000 in a single bounty.

Rebuy Tournaments

At the start of the tournament, all players will receive an equal amount of tournament chips. During the tournament, every player has the opportunity to purchase additional chips equivalent to the starting chip stack. This is called a Rebuy and players have the option to rebuy at any time during the specified time when their current chip amount is equal to or below the starting chips. The time allotted for rebuys and the number of rebuys available are different depending on the tournament. Details regarding rebuy tournaments are indicated in the tournament lobby, if applicable.


In an N-Stack Tournament, each player receives a set number of chip stacks upon registration (this set number is also known as ‘N’). Immediately prior to taking their seat in the tournament, the player can decide how many of these stacks they will start with and how many to keep in reserve to use later.

Each chip stack can be thought of as a ‘bullet’; players can begin the tournament with all available bullets in their starting stack. At least one stack must be used when a player first begins to play.

Reserved stacks can be called into use at any time up until the end of late registration or alternatively by a set time (the time at which reserved stacks can be used will be specified in the tournament lobby); if a player has not used their reserved stacks by this time, they will be added to the player’s live stack automatically.


Satellite tournaments are qualifying events that give you an opportunity to win a seat at the main tournaments' tables with a a much lower buy-in. These Satellites are typically in turbo or regular speed types and run between 30 to 90 minutes before the main event. Satellite winners will then qualify to the target tournament and be able to participate without having to pay the regular buy-in amount.

Tournament Overlays

Tournament Overlays refers to the gap between a poker tournament's guaranteed prize pool and the actual prize pool generated by entrants. For example, if a tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000, a buy in of $10 and 90 players enter, the players will contribute only $900 to the prizepool. This would give the tournament an overlay of $100.


Flipout tournaments are all-in tournaments where players will go all-in on every hand until a winner is decided. It removes all player choice, leaving the outcome of the game up to how the cards fall. This fun, exciting and totally random game does not require players to be logged in to play. Players just need to register before the game starts and wait for the results.

Sit & Go

Sit and Go tournaments (SNGs) are online poker tournaments that start when a preset number of players have signed up. There is no fixed schedule and the event will begin as soon as the required number of players have been met.


Freerolls are free-to-play poker tournaments, meaning you won’t be charged any entry/buy-in fee.


A 'shootout' is a type of tournament where a player must win and be the last one standing at their table in order to move onto the next round or final table. Most other formats tend to merge tables in order to maintain balance among the field but a shootout will require you to play out the full table before progressing.

Hyper Turbo & Turbo Tournaments

Hyper Turbo and Turbo tournaments are fast-paced variations of regular tournaments with shorter blind levels and less time to act. Turbo tournaments typically have 5 minute blind levels while Hyper Turbo tournaments will feature 3 minute blind levels.

Private Tournaments

Private tournaments are tournaments that are exclusively on Natural8. They are either held for a particular group of players for the purpose of promotion or open to all Natural8 players to participate.

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