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APT Online Recap: Events #8-#10

Shane C

Nov 21, 2023

APT Online Events 8-10

Boasting $15 million in prize pool guarantees and running from 5th - 26th November, the third weekend of the Asian Poker Tour Online (APTO) is in the books and 10 of the scheduled 14 Trophy Events are now done and dusted. You can catch up with the previous action here:

Events #8-#10 played out between 18th - 20th November, awarding three physical APTO trophies – including the coveted APTO Bronze Lion APT High Roller Trophy – and three more newly minted champions have been crowned. 

By far the biggest draw of the weekend was the $210 Event #10: Mystery Bounty Hunter and its juicy $1 million prize pool guarantee, which attracted the second-largest field of the series so far with an impressive 6,770 entries, with prolific tournament specialist “David Peters” the man to take it down – more on this below. 

Upcoming highlights in the next recap include action from the CNY 800 (~USD $111) Event #11: Zodiac Classic – running from 20th - 23rd November with the Final Day playing out on Thursday, 23rd November at 9 p.m. (HKT), the VND 1,000,000 (~USD $41) Event #12: Vietnam National Cup [Bounty] – running Saturday, 25th November at 7 p.m. (HKT), and the two-day $3,000 Event #13: APT Super High Roller – running 26th - 27th November with the Final Table playing out on Monday, 27th November at 7 p.m. (HKT).

APTO Highlights

  • Event #11: Zodiac Classic – CNY 800 (~USD $111) buy-in, Day 1s run from 20th - 23rd November with CNY 80 (~$11) Mega Satellites running over the same time period.

  • Event #12: Vietnam National Cup [Bounty] – VND 1,000,000 (~USD $41) buy-in, running Saturday, 25th November at 7 p.m. (HKT), VND 50,000 (~$2) and VND 100,000 (~$4) Mega Satellites running from 24th - 25th November.

  • Event #13: APT Super High Roller [2-Day Event] – $3,000 buy-in, running from 26th - 27th November at 7 p.m. (HKT) with $150 and $300 Mega Satellites running from 25th - 26th November.

Don’t Miss Out on the APTO Main Event!

Action in the $800 Event #14: APT Main Event kicked off on Saturday, 11th November with Day 1s running daily until Sunday, 26th November, with the Last Chance Day 1 getting underway at 6 p.m. (HKT) and Day 2 playing out at 9 p.m. (HKT) of the same day. 

So far, a total of 1,238 entries have battled it out at the virtual table, with 145 players locking up a Day 2 seat; Malaysia’s “kkyy0916” currently tops the chip counts with a stack of 1,425,792 – valued at 142 big blinds when play resumes for Day 2 at 9 p.m. (HKT) on 26th November.

Other notables who have won their way through include the USA’s “Joseph Cheong” (768,174 – 76BB), 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event champion “Damian Salas” (757,318 – 75BB), APT Incheon Super High Roller champion “Milos Petakovic (523,883 – 52BB), reigning APTO Main Event champion “Sioul17” (330,630 – 33BB), Russia’s “Anatoly Filatov” (304,772 – 30BB), Canada’s “Mark Radoja” (173,618 – 17BB), and the UK’s “Chris Moorman” (115,792 – 11BB).

APT Main Event Day 1s are running from 11th - 26th November, with daily $8 Step Satellites and $80 Mega Satellites. In addition to claiming the lion’s share of the enticing Main Event $2 million prize pool guarantee, the eventual winner will walk away with an exclusive bespoke APT Online Lion Trophy – don’t miss out on the action!

The Final Table will be streamed in multiple languages on Monday, 7th November at 9 p.m. (HKT).

Event #8: Taiwan National Cup

APT Online Event 8Playing out on Saturday, 18th November and boasting a TW$5,000,000 (~US$157,500) guarantee, the TW$10,000 (~US$316) Event #8: Taiwan National Cup drew 953 entries in total, generating a TW$8,862,900 (~US$279,149) prize pool with the top 161 places paying out and a min-cash good for TW$16,064.81 (~US$508.07).

It was the Netherlands’ “Jugador345” who topped the leaderboard, defeating Japan’s “milla777” heads-up to claim a TW$1,246,808.87 (~US$39,230) top prize, in addition to the trophy and title, with “milla777” receiving TW$934,973.77 (~US$29,500) for their runner-up finish. Macau’s “Iat Man Leong” rounded out the podium, collecting TW$701,131.34 (~US$22,000) for third place. 

Other notables to make the final table included “Milos Petakovic” (4th for TW$525,774.64/~US$16,600), Event #6: Mini Main Event runner-up “xxyman” (8th for TW$166,264.72/~US$5,250), and China’s “Weiran Pu” (9th for TW$124,680.68/~US$3,900), with the final table paying out as follows:

Taiwan National Cup Final Table Results

Rank Player Country Result
1 Jugador345 Netherlands NT$1,246,808.87
2 milla777 Japan NT$934,973.77
3 Iat Man Leong Macau NT$701,131.34
4 Milos Petakovic Montenegro NT$525,774.64
5 Sean_Tseng Taiwan NT$394,275.43
6 alwayspush China NT$295,665.12
7 BIGHHHHHHH Taiwan NT$221,716.87
8 xxyman China NT$166,264.72
9 Weiran Pu China NT$124,680.68

Other notables to cash but come up short of the final table included APT live regulars, such as Malaysia’s “Kiat Lee” (31st for TW$40,699.53/~US$1,280), Hong Kong’s “Vincent Li” (84th for TW$23,927.46/~US$750), Australia’s “Joshua McCully” (91st for TW$20,952.07/~US$660), and GGPoker Ambassador Hyun-gyu “Lad Park” 92nd for TW$20,952.07/~US$660).

Event #9: APT High Roller

APT Online Event 9The first of the APTO flagship events to play out this series has seen one of three prestigious bespoke APT Online Lion Trophies awarded in the $1,500 Event #9: APT High Roller, which drew a stacked field of 398 high-rolling entries, almost doubling the $300,000 guarantee and generating a $567,150 prize pool, with the top 55 places paying out, and a min-cash coming in at $2,733.48. 

It was Malta’s “CallM3Daddy” who earned the honor of being crowned the first of the flagship title winners of the series, claiming the Bronze Lion APT High Roller Trophy and the $109,500.33 top prize after defeating Poland’s “D Mikolaitis” heads-up, with the latter taking $82,113.53 for their runner-up finish. 

March’s APTO Event #8: Metro Manila Million champion “Loris51” rounded out the winner’s podium earning $61,576.44 for their runner-up finish. High roller specialist “Joshua McCully” also managed a final table appearance, finishing in 7th place for a $19,472.17 payday, and the UK’s “fightonbeaches” made a second APTO final table appearance of the series – following up on their Event #1 APT Online Bounty final table – finishing in 9th place for $10,950.01 with the final table paying out as follows:

APT High Roller Final Table

Rank Player Country Result
1 CallM3Daddy Malta $109,500.33
2 D Mikolaitis Poland $82,113.53
3 Loris51 China $61,576.44
4 fpdhd Hong Kong $46,175.85
5 JotaLeclerc Brazil $34,626.99
6 ThtsWhatSh3Said Mexico $25,966.58
7 Joshua McCully Australia $19,472.17
8 visacard Cambodia $14,602.08
9 fightonbeaches United Kingdom $10,950.01

Other notables to cash but miss out on a spot in the final nine included “David Peters” (25th for $3,677.69), Spain’s “Sergi Reixach” (30th for $3,331.37), Austria-based “Rainer Kempe” (40th for $3,017.67), APT live regular “Chin Wei Lim” of Malaysia (45th for $2,733.48), and Natural8 Team Hot Ambassador Yu-Chung “Nevan” Chang (50th for $2,733.48).

Event #10: Mystery Bounty Hunter

APT Online Event 10Boasting a $1 million guarantee, it was the $210 Event #10: Mystery Bounty Hunter that proved to be the biggest draw of the weekend’s poker action, attracting a sizable 6,770-strong field over the 27 Stage 1 flights, generating a $1,354,000 prize pool – over a 35% increase on the guarantee!

A total of 750 players successfully won their way through to the final, which was where the Mystery Bounties were awarded, with the largest bounty coming in at $100,000 and the action getting underway at 9 p.m. on Sunday, 19th November, with all survivors guaranteed a payday of at least $246.70, plus whatever bounty payouts they managed to collect.

It was the prolific “David Peters” who took it down, padding out his over $43 million in live tournament winnings and $6.3 million in online tournament winnings with a further $66,599.07 top prize, plus an additional $1,390 in bounties after defeating China’s “DanielNuts” heads-up, with his opponent taking $49,269.17 for their runner-up finish, plus a further $5,050 in bounties. 

Canada’s “TheMadQueen” collected $36,472.33 and a further $5,320 in bounties for third place, with the final table paying out as follows:

Mystery Bounty Hunter Final Table Results

Rank Player Country Bounty Result
1 David Peters Canada $1,390 $66,599.07 + $1,390
2 DanielNuts China $5,050 $49,269.17 + $5,050
3 TheMadQueen Canada $5,320 $36,472.33 + $5,320
4 Texasplayer1974 Malta $2,250 $27,000.34 + $2,250
5 Chris Puetz Austria $1,880 $19,989.27 + $1,880
6 Renerhulai China $7,860 $14,799.74 + $7,860
7 VuNgocDiep Vietnam $690 $10,958.57 + $690
8 Sebastian Gaehl Austria $1,260 $8,115.34 + $1,260
9 snap10 Andorra $130 $6,010.82 + $130

Other notables to cash included Russia’s “K Levushkin”, who claimed the most bounties and finished in 15th place for $3,364.88 + $101,460 in bounty payouts, China’s “xxyman” (37th for $1,923.48 + $990 in bounties), Canada’s Nicholas “N Maimone” Maimone (43rd for $1,673.07 + $5,870 in bounties), Natural8 Ambassador “Thai Ha (94th for $1,102.39 + $800 in bounties), GG Poker Ambassador “Tony Lin” (198th for $634.59 + $130 in bounties), Natural8 Team Hot Ambassador Yu-Chung “Nevan” Chang (203rd for $634.59), Ukraine’s “Kostya Holskyi” (247th for $553.35 + $130 in bounties), Russia’s “Anatoly Filatov” (289th for $482.75), Montenegro’s “Milos Petakovic” (405th for $368.13 + $130 in bounties), and Austria-based “Rainer Kempe” (577th for $281.63).

Lastly, a huge shoutout to Natural8’s “will_i_gambol” who won the $100,000 top bounty with just 1 knockout (558th for $321.81 + $100,000)!

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