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Nguyen Hoang Long Takes Down APT High Roller 8 Max Event

Jordan C

Jul 31, 2023

Nguyen Hoang Long

Vietnam’s Nguyen Hoang Long won the final event of APT Da Nang after taking down the VND 80,000,000 High Roller 8-Max event for over $110,000 USD. He topped a field of 91 players who bought in for a total of 161 entries to take home the last lion trophy of the series as well as the massive first place prize.

Final Day Of Play

After ending play with 25 players remaining, the first hour or so of play was centred around the bubble bursting; only 23 players would get paid from the 25 left in the field, so two players were guaranteed to end the series on a sour note. 

Van Phuong Nguyen of Vietnam was the first player eliminated on Day 2, after his 87 couldn’t improve against the A8 of Xiaosheng Zheng. Nguyen was shortly followed out the door by Ruizi Lin, who was eliminated in 24th place when they ran their A9o into the KK of Ngoc Minh Le and the JJ of APT Super High Roller Champion Julian Warhurst.

After the bubble burst, the chips started to fly, and it only took a few hours of play to get down to our final table of nine - Gakuto Oshiro bubbling the final table after shoving K9 into the AJ of Shung Er Sua.

The eventual winner Nguyen Hoang Long started the final table with the chip lead and immediately set about increasing it. After the first level of play, Nguyen Hoang Long had increased his chip stack from 2.945 million up to 3.8 million and cemented himself as the clear chip leader.

As players were eliminated around him, Nguyen Hoang Long held on to that chip lead until we reached five handed play, when Ngo Khoa Anh took the lead thanks to his aggressive style of play, helped by winning KK vs QQ to eliminate Yohei Kitazato in 7th place.

It wasn’t long before Shung Er Sua was eliminated in 5th place, running KJ into the QQ of Bevin, and Tran Trung Hieu was eliminated in 4th place after being blinded down and finally taking a stand at the wrong time, as his T3o came up against the QQ of Anh.

Anh held a big chip lead going into three-handed play which he managed to hold thanks to his aggressive play, but a big hand between Long and Bevin saw the hometown player close the gap. After Long opened to 350K with A5 at blinds of 80K/160K, Bevin shoved his remaining 1 million chips with K9. Long made the call, and while Bevin flopped a pair of nines, Long made a flush to eliminate Bevin in 3rd place.

Anh held a nearly 1.5:1 chip lead going into heads-up play and extended his lead even further at the start of the match. However, Nguyen Hoang Long won a flip with QJ against the TT of Anh to take the lead in the match. Unfortunately for Long, he couldn’t keep hold of that lead and soon found himself with an over 4:1 deficit.

Things can turn around quickly in poker, and that’s exactly what happened in hands 92 and 93, as Long received back-to-back double-ups with T9 against 89 on an A92 flop, and K9 against Q9 on a 952 flop. Just a couple of hands later, Long was on the brink of victory - he just needed his QJ to improve against the K3 of Anh. The flop of TJ9 gave Long top pair but both players a straight draw. The T on the turn didn’t change anything, and the J on the river sealed the victory for Long and eliminated Anh in second place.

APT Da Nang High Roller - 8 Max Final Table Results

Place Name Country Prize (VND) Prize (USD)
1 Nguyen Hoang Long Vietnam 2,614,280,000 ₫ $110,360
2 Ngo Khoa Anh Vietnam 1,770,970,000 ₫ $74,760
3 Matthew Bevin Australia 1,180,650,000 ₫ $49,840
4 Tran Trung Hieu Vietnam 967,000,000 ₫ $40,820
5 Shung Er Sua Malaysia 775,850,000 ₫ $32,750
6 Xiaosheng Zheng China 601,570,000 ₫ $25,400
7 Yohei Kitazato Japan 445,270,000 ₫ $18,800
8 Nguyen Trung Quan Vietnam 327,210,000 ₫ $13,810
9 Terry Nguyen Vietnam 260,870,000 ₫ $11,010

Do you think APT Da Nang has been a success? Who has been the standard player of this tournament series? Let us know on social media and stay tuned for all the latest poker news and events.

Image Source: The Asian Poker Tour (APT)

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