Inside the Mind of a Poker Bot: How AI is Changing Online Poker

Shane C

May 9, 2023

Poker bots

Online poker has come a long way since the early days of the internet, and with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), the game is once again undergoing a transformation. While AI has been used in other areas of gaming, its impact on poker has been particularly significant. Poker bots, or AI algorithms designed to play poker, have become increasingly sophisticated, challenging human players and changing the nature of the game.

In this article, we will explore the world of poker bots and how AI is changing online poker.

What are Poker Bots?

Online poker bots are computer programs that are designed to play poker on behalf of a human player. These bots are programmed to make decisions based on pre-set rules and algorithms, and they can play for hours without tiring or making mistakes due to fatigue. While the use of bots to play online poker is controversial, they have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years and are capable of playing at a level comparable to some of the best human players.

The Rise of Online Poker Bots

For poker players, online poker bots have been around for years. While early versions were relatively simple and easy to beat, today's bots have become more advanced and can play at a level comparable to some of the best human players. They are able to learn from their mistakes, adapt to new situations, and even bluff their human opponents.

One of the main advantages of using a poker bot is that it can play for hours on end without getting tired or making mistakes due to fatigue. This can be particularly beneficial in online poker, where games can run 24/7.

How AI is Changing the Game

The use of poker bots online has raised concerns among poker players who fear that they may face unfair competition from their human opponents. However, AI has also introduced new opportunities and innovations to the game, particularly in the areas of game theory and long-term strategy.

For example, some online poker sites have begun using AI to help players make better decisions by providing insights and feedback based on their play. By analysing patterns of play and other data, AI can identify areas where players can improve their strategy and make more informed decisions.

Furthermore, AI can assist in detecting potential cheating by players. By analysing patterns of play and other data, AI can detect suspicious activity and alert the site's security team. This helps to ensure that the game remains fair and that players are not taking advantage of loopholes or other vulnerabilities.

Overall, while the use of poker bots may raise concerns, AI has the potential to improve the game by providing valuable insights and promoting fair play in the long term.

Challenges and Controversies

Despite the potential benefits of AI in online poker, there are also some challenges and controversies to consider. One concern is that the use of online poker bots may discourage human players from participating in the game. If bots are able to win consistently, human players may feel that there is no point in playing and may turn to other games instead.

Another concern is that AI could be used to gain an unfair advantage over other players. For example, a bot could be programmed to track the behaviour of other players and adjust its play accordingly. This could give the bot an edge over human players who are not able to analyse the same amount of data in real-time.

Additionally, there is concern that AI could be used to perpetuate unfair biases or discrimination. For example, an AI algorithm could be trained on biased data, leading to unfair treatment of certain players or groups.


AI is changing the world of online poker in significant ways, introducing new opportunities and innovations, as well as new challenges and controversies. While the rise of poker bots has raised concerns about the future of the game, it has also opened up new possibilities for improving play, detecting cheating, and providing feedback and insights to players.

As AI technology continues to advance, it will be important for online poker sites to ensure that it is used ethically and responsibly, without unfairly putting human players at a disadvantage. With the right precautions and guidelines in place, AI has the potential to make online poker even more engaging, exciting, and fair.

Disclaimer: At Natural8, we take a strong stance against the use of bots or AI in online poker, as well as any form of real-time assistance. We are committed to maintaining a fair and level playing field for all of our players, and any violation of our policy will result in immediate action, up to and including account suspension or termination.