Trick or Treat Halloween Promotion on Natural8

Trick or Treat with Natural8


Get ready for a virtual trick-or-treat where you can win C$, cold hard cash or an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Choose between “Trick” or “Treat” and join us for this fun Halloween giveaway!

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Note: This promotion is now over

Trick or Treat?

Here’s how it works! Starting 25th October, there will be one mission a day (7 missions in total) for you to complete. Once you complete a mission, you will be given the option to choose between Trick or Treat.

If you’re one of those who live by the rule of “going big or going home”, then Trick is for you! Every day, there will be 3 huge prizes to be won. Worth up to $2,000, these daily prizes will include cash as well as an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

This is the “safe” option, where you are guaranteed a prize. This will be paid out in C$ (Cash Game Dollars), which you can use to buy into Cash Games on Natural8. The amount you will win varies depending on the mission completed.

Which will you pick? The choice is entirely yours!

Seven Days of Missions

From 25th - 31st October, there will be one mission a day for you to complete!

25 October

Deposit $100

Claim Now

26 October

Rake $20

Claim Now

27 October

Rake $30

Claim Now

28 October

Deposit $50

Claim Now

29 October

Rake $40

Claim Now

30 October

Rake $20

Claim Now

31 October

Win 3 hands with Pocket Js*

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1 November


Complete all 7 missions for entry into a flipout!

Players who complete all 7 daily missions will receive an entry into a bonus Flipout with $2,000 in prizes!

*Day 7 Mission: Win 3 hands with Pocket Js applies to Hold’em cash games, AoF Hold’em, Rush & Cash Hold’em and Short Deck Cash Games only.

What Can I Win?

Here are the prizes you could win from completing each daily mission. If you pick “Treat”, you will be guaranteed a prize as per the table below.

















If you pick “Trick”, you could win one of the 3 huge daily prizes!

Daily Tricks

1 x iPhone 13 Pro Max

1 x $300

1 x $200

If you complete all 7 daily missions, you will be entered into a bonus Flipout with an additional $2,000 in prizes as below!

Bonus Flipout

1 x iPhone 13 Pro Max

1 x $300

1 x $200

How Do I Participate?

Trick or Treat with Natural8 is open to all Natural8 players.


If you want to participate, you must first register your interest by clicking on the “Opt-In” button below!

Registration is now closed


Complete the daily missions. Remember, if you complete all 7 missions, you will enter a bonus flipout with an additional $2,000 in prizes to be won!


If you have completed your mission for the day, a Success Email will be sent to you within an hour. If you have not yet completed your mission for the day, a Reminder Email will be sent to you 4 hours before the mission ends (19:59 UTC).


You will receive a Prize Claim Email within 8 hours of the mission ending (08:00 UTC). Click on the link to choose between “Trick” or “Treat”. Once your selection is complete, your reward will be revealed. All prizes will be credited within 24 hours of making your selection!


If you manage to complete all 7 daily missions, you will enter the bonus flipout on 1st November, for your chance to win an extra $2,000 in prizes!

The Details

  • Promotion: Trick or Treat with Natural8
  • When: 25th - 31st October 2021
  • $$$: C$, cash and EIGHT iPhone 13 Pro Max to be won!
  • You’ll Love: The option to play it safe or risk it all
  • Perfect For: Halloween

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can deposits be combined to complete a mission?

A: Yes, deposits can be combined if you make multiple transactions within a day. Deposits can be made through the cashier, live support or via your agent.

Q: Does each day correspond with my own timezone?

A: No, we use a universal timezone as we have players from all over the world! For this promotion, a day is considered to be from 00:00 to 23:59 (UTC).

Q: What games can I play that will generate rake?

A: Any poker games on Natural8. This is the perfect time to try something new like Battle Royale or Flip & Go.

Q: For the mission on Day 7 (Win 3 hands with pocket Js), what games are eligible?

A: You can fulfil this mission by playing in any Hold’em Cash Games or Short Deck games.

Q: Will I be eligible for this promotion if I don’t opt in?

A: No, you must register to participate. There is no closing date, but missions are locked to each day, so once you miss one you will be unable to complete it later.

Q: What happens if I miss the email and did not manage to claim my reward?

A: Players who do not make their selection within SEVEN days of receiving the email notification will automatically be issued the TREAT reward.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this promotion.
  2. This promotion will run from 00:00 (UTC) 25 October 2021 - 23:59 (UTC) 31 October 2021. The bonus flipout will happen on 1 November 2021.
  3. Players must opt in to be eligible for this promotion.
  4. Players must claim all their prizes by 5 November 2021. Unclaimed prizes will be automatically issued as Treats.
  5. Natural8 reserves the right to investigate any players suspected of fraudulent activity, and take any necessary action. In the event of multi-accounting, bonus hunting, or foul play, Natural8 reserves the right to forfeit any prize amounts that have been paid along with any remaining cash balances, without prior notice.
  6. Natural8 reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time without prior notice, and at its sole and absolute discretion.
  7. This tournament is subject to the terms and conditions of the Natural8 website.
  8. Natural8 is an advocate of safer gambling. If you feel you might have an online gambling problem, do seek further advice or counseling at
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