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APT Online Recap: Events #11 - #13

Shane C

Nov 28, 2023

APT Online Recap: Event 11-13

The second Asian Poker Tour Online (APTO) has reached the business end of the series, with the remaining four out of the scheduled 14 Trophy Events playing out over the final week and into the weekend, taking place from 20th - 26th November, with the festival playing out to an enthralling climax. 

You can catch up on the previous series action here:

In addition to the $800 Event #14: Main Event playing out to a thrilling conclusion, which we will cover in more detail in a separate blog post, other highlights include action from the CNY 800 (~$111) Event #11 Zodiac Classic, and the $23 Event #12: Vietnam National Cup [Bounty] – which drew the third-largest field of the festival outside of the Main Event.

The second of the festival’s flagship events, the $3,000 Event #13: APT Super High Roller, also awarded the second of the coveted APT Online Lion Trophies and saw some of the world’s top online pros battle it out for a share of the $889,200 prize pool – more on this below. So, without further ado, let’s get into the exciting online poker action:

Event #11: Zodiac Classic

Event #11 Zodiac ClassicRunning 20th - 23rd November, the CNY 800 (~$111) Event #11 Zodiac Classic saw 2,735 entries compete over the four starting flights, generating a CNY 2,012,960 (~$281,517) prize pool – a 34 percent increase on the CNY 1,500,000 (~$209,780) guarantee.

A total of 325 players won their way through to the Final, all guaranteed a payout of at least CNY 1,753.13 (~$245), though all would be aiming for the title, trophy, and top prize. 

It was “MrRoboto” of Cyprus who took the accolades, cutting a deal with heads-up opponent “MaxiMiLLione” of Belarus to claim a top prize of CNY 235,651.81 ($33,043), with the latter collecting CNY 237,285.82 (~$33,243) for their runner-up finish. 

Vietnam’s “ReBuyorDie” rounded out the winner’s podium, receiving a payout of CNY 152,021.54 (~$21,297) for third place, with the final table paying out as follows:

Zodiac Classic Final Table Results

Rank Player Country Result
1 MrRoboto Cyprus ¥235,651.81
2 MaxiMiLLione Belarus ¥237,285.82
3 ReBuyorDie Vietnam ¥152,021.54
4 JASSS001 Taiwan ¥114,031.23
5 GGwpFML Austria ¥85,542.65
6 Del Pierooooo Austria ¥64,179.37
7 KEIM Japan ¥48,159.01
8 felixgum Japan ¥36,145.44
9 CokeZaro! China ¥27,136.62

Notables to cash but come up short of the final table included the USA’s “Bryan Paris” – who padded out his $20 million in online MTT cashes with a further CNY 2,943.85 (~$412) for his 121st place finish – with Cambodia’s “SvenCalls” (134th place for CNY 2,943.85), Macedonia’s “MalcaideCR” (137th place for CNY 2,943.85), Russia’s “Minthon” (244th for CNY 1,992.68), reigning APTO Main Event champion “Sioul17” (271st for CNY 1,753.13), and China’s “visent” (289th for CNY 1,753.13) all making the money.

Event #12 Vietnam National Cup [Bounty]

Event #12 Vietnam CupPlaying out on Saturday, 25th November with a bounty format offering a progressive bounty of at least VND 250,000 (~$10) for each player eliminated, the VND 1,000,000 (~$23) Event #12 Vietnam National Cup [Bounty] drew the third largest field of the series so far outside of the Main Event. 

This saw 3,385 total entries fighting it out at the virtual felt for a share of the VND 3,215,750,000 (~$132,524) prize pool – a 28 percent increase on the VND 2,500,000,000 (~$103,000) guarantee – with the top 404 places paying out and a min-cash coming in at VND 1,518,058 (~$62.55).

It was Israel’s “Nesher_boy” who proved their bounty hunting credentials, cutting a deal with Poland’s “Stefan Siara” heads-up to take a VND 123,854,661 (~$5,104.27) top prize, plus an impressive VND 193,915,051 (~$7,990) in bounties, with their opponent collecting VND 123,551,280 (~$5,090) for second place, and a further VND 13,499,999 (~$556) in bounty payouts.

China’s “Litongxue” banked VND 88,990,587 (~$3,667) for third place and earning a further VND 17,235,351 (~$710) in bounties, with the final table paying out as follows:

Vietnam National Cup Final Table Results

Rank Player Country Bounty Result
1 Nesher_boy Israel ₫193,915,051 ₫123,854,661 + ₫193,915,051
2 Stefan Siara Poland ₫13,499,999 ₫123,551,280 + ₫13,499,999
3 Litongxue China ₫17,235,351 ₫88,990,587 + ₫17,235,351
4 HoonTae Poland ₫30,494,141 ₫64,018,853 + ₫30,494,141
5 PrettyLourensky Russia ₫25,138,672 ₫46,054,501 + ₫25,138,672
6 YJ2015 Hong Kong ₫10,683,594 ₫33,131,147 + ₫10,683,594
7 KojanayaPulya Kazakhstan ₫19,984,375 ₫23,834,250 + ₫19,984,375
8 MR MT Vietnam ₫8,664,062 ₫17,146,061 + ₫8,664,062
9 lolchess Hong Kong ₫8,136,719 ₫12,334,530 + ₫8,136,719

Notables to cash but come up short of a place in the final nine included Event #6: Mini Main Event runner-up “xxyman” of China (30th for VND 5,110,565 + VND 5,718,750 in bounties), Event #4: Thailand National Cup runner-up “Beegor” of Hong Kong (43rd for VND 4,098,425 + VND 4,601,562 in bounties), Slovenia’s “AtaTheGreat” (49th for VND 4,098,425 + VND 1,156,250 in bounties), Thailand’s “elimS_” (152nd for VND 2,360,448 + VND 375,000 in bounties), and Canada’s “TryTime” (376th for VND 1,518,058 + VND 750,000 in bounties).

Event #13 APT Super High Roller

Event #13 APT Super High RollerThe second of the APTO series flagship events saw the second of the bespoke APT Online Lion Trophies – the Pewter Lion APT Super High Roller Trophy – awarded to the eventual winner. Playing out over two days from Sunday, 26th November to Monday 27th Nov, the $3,000 Event #13: APT Super High Roller saw 312 players in action, battling it out for a share of the $889,200 prize pool – eclipsing the $500,000 guarantee by an impressive 77 percent. The top 44 places paid out with a min-cash coming in at $5,307.37.

Nine players fought their way through to the Final Table, with Vietnam’s “Duach” returning in pole position with the chip lead and an 83 big blind stack. Russia’s Artur “A Martirosian” Martirosian made the cut with the second-largest stack worth 65 big blinds, with APT high roller specialist “Joshua McCully” rounding out the top three with a 61 big blind stack.

However, it was Morocco’s “LunaKingBack” who claimed the honor of being crowned the inaugural APTO Super High Roller champion, defeating “Duach” heads-up to take the coveted Pewter Lion Trophy and a $178,887.22 top prize, with his opponent receiving a $134,146.40 payout for their runner-up finish.

Russia’s “A Martirosian” rounded out the winner’s podium, collecting $100,595.64 for third place, with “Joshua McCully” coming in fourth for a $75,436.07 payout. China’s “Weiran Pu” also managed an appearance in the last nine, cashing in seventh place for $31,811.15, with the final table paying out as follows:

APT Super High Roller Final Table Results

Rank Player Country Result
1 LunaKingBack Morocco $178,887.22
2 Duach Vietnam $134,146.40
3 A Martirosian Russia $100,595.64
4 Joshua McCully Australia $75,436.07
5 3grooves Brazil $56,569.04
6 Barry Hutter Mexico $42,420.85
7 Weiran Pu China $31,811.15
8 Jacopo Olivieri Austria $23,855
9 Dmitry Grinenko Thailand $17,888.75

Notables to cash but come up short of the final table included Natural8 Team Hot Ambassador Yu-Chung “Nevan” Chang (16th for $7,543.41), the USA’s “Joseph Cheong” (19th for $6,908.69), China’s “Loris51” (27th for $5,794.96), WSOP 2020 Main Event champion “Damian Salas” (37th for $5,307.37), and Swedish poker professional “Niklas Astedt” (44th for $5,307.37).

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